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By Daniel M. Suleiman

"JOIN PENINSULA!" reads the latest poster, "if you're a racist asshole" it forgot to add.

Oh, we don't mean to pick on the boys (and two girls) at Peninsula. We just want to comment on the rag's latest attempt to recruit. Apparently some miscreants have been fabricating fake Peninsula posters and we feel silly...because we can't tell which posters are real and which ones are not. But neither can Peninsula and that makes us sad.

The poster that says "Faith" "Family" "Freedom" even we could tell was authentic, but the one that reads, "Christmas Kwanzaa Easter If you know which one doesn't belong...JOIN PENISNULA!" we just couldn't be sure of. And Jay M. Dickerson '98, a "guardian" at Peninsula was at an equal loss. Finally, he seemed to remember seeing that one and admitted that it was in fact real.

Whew! That was a close one. If the poster were fake, Peninsula might have lost another great member of the Harvard community. What a shame that would be.

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