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Farewell, Radcliffe; Be Fair, Harvard

They were all smiles last Wednesday. After a year of intense negotiations, Linda, Neil and Jeremy could breathe easy. The

Seniors Know Best

With the exceptions of first-semester first-years, perhaps, Harvard students of all years tend to think they have a good command

Greaseman Is a Big Fat Racist

Dear Al Franken, Your talk here at the ARCO Forum of Public Affairs last Wednesday, just before the Monica Lewinsky

Show Me The Pudding

T he Hasty Pudding Theatricals Show is not for everyone. Indeed, before attending the latest installment of the 151-year-old tradition

The University's Clash of Interests

Students, observers, etc. often conceive of Harvard as one mammoth entity, and not as a conglomeration of separate interests. This

The Advanced Standing Deficit

Advanced Standing is an established program whose educational merit is rarely questioned. In May 1954 the Faculty of Arts of

With a Little Help From the Yenching

Yenching, a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Holyoke Street and Mass. Ave., was the only place to eat in

Beyond Good and Evil at OCS

The debate surrounding the pursuit of jobs in investment banking and consulting has become polemical, to the point where it

After Archie: Keep the Deanship

Apparently, the role of the Dean of Students has changed in the last few years--so much so, in fact, that