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* Former medical school dean earned more than $300k


Harvard is a million dollar work-place, at least according to tax returns for the 1996 fiscal year. They show the combined compensation of Harvard's top five earners totaled nearly $1.5 million.

The returns, which were received by the Attorney General's office in May, show compensation and benefits for key officers of the University and the top four compensation packages of non-officers.

And although President Neil L. Rudenstine leads the University, his compensation ranks seventh, with his Elm-wood Avenue mansion, car and driver not included.

Daniel C. Tosteson '47, former dean of the Medical School and Walker professor of cell biology, tops the list. The dean's salary was $318,505, with $23,717 in "additional compensation," which includes an allowance in lieu of benefit contributions and a housing subsidy.

The runner up was professor Emeritus Hilton A. Salhanik, from the School of Public Health. His salary was only $42,575, but upon assuming emeritus status, Salhanik received a lump sum payment of $250,000.

Third was Gottlieb Professor of Law Elizabeth Warren, whose salary of $181,300 was higher than that of any other professor outside the administration.

Warren was also compensated for moving expenses, her mortgage was subsidized and she received an allowance in lieu of benefits contributions. Her total compensation, excluding a meager $253 for her benefit plan, was $291,876.

Johnson Professor of International Business Management Louis T. Wells, Jr.'s total compensation package was $281,360, excluding benefits contributions.

Former Provost Albert Carnesale was ranked fifth with compensation totaling $274,316.

The salary of John Newell, the former manager of medical research applications' salary was only $87,000, but forgiveness of debt, a housing subsidy and a voluntary severance package brought his total compensation to $271,848-sixth across the University.

Rudenstine's salary was $257,533, and each of the five vice presidents were compensated with $226,000.

The returns also indicate that the University's total assets stood at $12.9 billion at the end of the 1996 fiscal year. The University's Highest Paid Officials Three of the top five earned top dollar in their last year at Harvard. Shaw Y. Chen Graphic Name  Title  Salary  Benefits  Total Daniel C. Tosteson  Dean of HMS  $318,505  $23,717  $342,222 Hilton A. Salhanik  Professor  $42,575  $250,000  $292,575 Elizabeth Warren  Professor  $181,300  $110,576  $291,876 Louis T. Wells  Professor  $170,905  $110,455  $281,360 Albert Carnesale  Provost  $231,500  $42,816  $274,316 Source: Tax returns filed with the state of Massachusetts.

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