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A Moral Obligation

It has not been a good year for gay rights. The vicious murder of Matthew Shephard in Wyoming last fall


We've always thought students at Harvard Law School (HLS) are elitist and selfish; now we know for sure. At their

Editorial Notebook

Three cheers to the Law School for putting out an uncharacteristically warm welcome mat at the door of--or at least

Politics Swirl In Higher Education Cost Study

Charged with finding ways to reduce college costs, the National Commission on the Cost of Higher Education has postponed the

Harvard Fund Investors Earn Record Salaries

As the stock market wobbles, officials at the Harvard Management Company (HMC) are reaping the rewards of last year's bull

GSAS Student Dies After Four-Floor Fall

A first-year graduate student died in an apparent suicide early yesterday afternoon after falling four stories from the Gordon Mckay

Congress to Debate Funding for Higher Education

Harvard has begun pounding the D.C. pavement in an effort to persuade legislators to see it our way when Congress

Large Incentives Tempt Faculty To Retire-Now

It pays to go to Harvard, but sometimes it can pay even more to leave. Hilton A. Salhanick, Hisaw professor

Endowment Balloons in Huge Growth Year

Harvard's coffers swelled to roughly $11 billion this year, as Harvard Management Company (HMC), the keeper of the University's endowment,

Central Fund Still Lags Behind Schools in Capital Campaign

As the University's capital campaign rockets toward meeting 80 percent of its overall goal, one area of the fundraising drive

Harvard's Top Five Salaries Total More Than $1.5M

Harvard is a million dollar work-place, at least according to tax returns for the 1996 fiscal year. They show the

Cambridge Taxi Rates May Increase, Matching Boston's

Car-less Cantabrigians and Quad residents unwilling to make that lonely, late-night trek are among those who could be affected by

High Court Will Rule On Merits Of Diversity

Piscataway Schools decided to layoff Sharon Taxman in 1989 instead of her equally-qualified black co-worker. With this single case, the

HBS Restricts Harbus Mailing To First-Years

Harvard Business School (HBS) officials refused to send copies of the April 28th issue of The Harbus, the student newspaper,

A Proctor's Role Is Not Always Clear-Cut

T here's an old saying that advising at the top Ivys can be compared to a swimming lesson: at Princeton,