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Quiz for the Weekend: Test Your Knowledge of Ivy League Archive Trivia


Which of the following accidentally occurred due to a computer error at the beginning of the 1978-79 school year?

a) First-year suites included both males and females.

b) The entire sophomore class was assigned to Grays Hall.

c) Phone calls to a Boston strip joint were routed to the office of The Harvard Crimson.

d) Thousands of students were assigned to an introductory linguistics class.

2. In 1978, W.B. McDaniel, the then-oldest Harvard alumnus, died. How old was he?

a) 85

b) 92

c) 107

d) 120

3. The removal of what item from Yale's 1978 dining menu caused widespread student anger?

a) graham crackers

b) pickles

c) donuts

d) chicken parmesan

4. Who was the Hasty Pudding Theatrical's 1961 Woman of the Year?

a) Elizabeth Taylor

b) Audrey Hepburn

c) Jane Fonda

d) Marilyn Monroe

5. In 1961, editors of The Harvard Lampoon were given control of one issue of which national magazine?

a) Better Homes and Gardens

b) Mademoiselle

c) The New Yorker

d) Reader's Digest

6. A professor of nutrition proclaimed in 1961 that the Office of Admissions had been practicing unintentional discrimination against which group?

a) curly-haired students

b) short students

c) obese students

d) tall students

7. Diplomas given to the class of 1961 were the first to have which of the following characteristics?

a) They were in English, not Latin.

b) They contained a reproduction of the University president's signature, rather than an original signature.

c) They did not contain the color crimson

d) The binders were not made of real leather.

8) What was the cost of year-long Crimson subscription in 1900?

a) $1.50

b) $2.00

c) $3.00

d) $5.00

9. "Freshman smokers" took place at Harvard in the early 1900s. What were they?

a) The equivalent of today's final club punch events.

b) Opportunities for first-years to choose among campus cigar clubs.

c) First-year social gatherings organized by the University.

d) Cruel pranks in which upperclass students would set first-years' plan on fire.

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