Harvard Apparel Maker to Name Plant Locations

Move marks first step in full disclosure policy

Harvard's second-largest licensed apparel manufacturer has announced that it will be the first company to comply with the University's new full disclosure policy.

Last spring, in response to student demands that Harvard cease doing business with manufacturers that use sweatshops, University officials announced their intention to require all manufacturers to reveal which factories they use for apparel.

Some members of Harvard's Progressive Student Labor Movement (PSLM) organized a group called Students Against Sweatshops (SAS), which tapped into a national movement last year to force universities to remove their business from sweatshops.

Last Wednesday, Gear for Sports, Harvard's second largest licensed apparel manufacturer, announced that it will release its factory locations out of a concern for human rights.

According to a press release from Gear for Sports, the company will disclose a full list of factories it uses to manufacture collegiate clothing on Jan. 10, 2000.

Gear for Sports' Director of Global Human Rights Compliance John D. Joerger said the company needs time to create a workable database to track which factory manufactures which universities' apparel.

PSLM lauded the move, while pointing out that it is only the first step.

"Disclosure is the first and easiest step," said PSLM member Nitzan Shoshan '00. "Contractors are beginning to realize that disclosure is inevitable."

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