`Not the Kind of Money We Need': Popular UC Books Program Can't Save Council From Budget Shortfall

The pet project of one Undergraduate Council representative is yielding dividends for a cash-strapped council, but it won't be enough to rescue the group from a chronic budget shortfall.

Since the Sept. 15 launch of the council's revamped 'UC Books' website, the page has received 5,819 unique hits and seen 843 users purchase books through the site.

Despite an effort to expand the number of course books featured through the site, council members estimate that the website may only yield $300 in commissions this semester--far too little to save the council from a painful belt-tightening.


Although the low yield may be attributed to the bankruptcy of council vendor, council members say easing a budget crunch was never UC Book's primary goal.

"Funding the [council] was never the intent of the program," says long-time council representative John Paul Rollert '00-'01. "If we make a little money on the side in commissions, that's great, but the number one goal of UC Books has always been to save students money."

Council members say the UC Books program is a supplement to--not a substitute for--their annual term bill revenue.

"It has the potential to make money, but not the kind of money we need," council President Fentrice D. Driskell '01 explains.

The site's creator agrees.

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