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A Blast From the Past

After spending nearly four years at the oldest university in the nation, it took a raggedy auto mechanic’s shirt, once

Carless and Carefree

ATLANTA—It’s summer fling season and, yes, I’m in love. No, this Scarlett O’Hara hasn’t yet found a Rhett Butler to

At the 'Cliffe's Edge

Radcliffe’s purpose is a mystery for most undergraduates, more than three years after the merger of Radcliffe College and the

Gray Matters

When a young History and Literature tutor was called into meet with her flustered department chair one morning in 1956,

Putting Radcliffe on the Map

The monumental merger between Radcliffe College and Harvard University in October 1999 left many problems unsolved. It was not until

In New Book, Bok Links Universities, Commercialization

When former Harvard President Derek C. Bok stepped up to the lectern at Harvard’s Commencement ceremony in 1988, the audience

Pearls of Wisdom

When Judith Richards Hope arrived in Cambridge as a first-year student at Harvard Law School (HLS) in 1961, there were