Local Voters Tune In or Drop Out

ROXBURY--Huddled between the Daily Fish Market and Sunny's Market outside of Dudley Square, a 33 year-old man who goes by the single name of Amin was selling CDs and video tapes to passersby yesterday.

Although it was Election Day, he said he has never voted and did not plan to have a sudden change of heart and head to the voting booths.

"I don't believe those guys can do anything for me," he said. "The way politicians behave is wrong. They never come through on a promise."


Like about 27 percent of Massachusetts voters, Amin--who is not even registered to vote--did not participate in yesterday's election.

As Amin lamented that people in the world are starving while the U.S. spends billions on the International Space Station, Roxbury resident James Stone, 25, broke into the conversation.

"Politics comes all the way down to the common man," he said. "We have to be involved because it affects our lives."

Although some of his friends say voting does not make any difference, Stone has voted and cannot stop talking about Vice President Al Gore '69.

"What I like about Al Gore is that he said he's fighting for the people," Stone said. "The Clinton administration has done a great job in the past eight years."

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