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Let’s Be Negative

There is a dark joke among scientists that if an experiment works right the first time, there must be something

A Virus’ First Victim

Students have quarantined themselves to allay the fears of their roommates. Travel to certain areas is officially discouraged by the

Death to Intelligent Design

Just months before he died, Harvard professor Stephen J. Gould co-signed a letter with his scientific rival Richard Dawkins. In

Let's Repeat the Obvious on Israel

Being a Zionist has never been easy. It means having to constantly repeat the obvious without sounding shrill or tedious.

Anthrax? Censor It, Quick

What if Osama is reading the scientific literature? That’s the question the editors of some of the world’s top science

God in the Genes?

For most scientists, God is irrelevant. And that is a very good thing. When science and religion intersect, an unseemly

Enforcing Cell Phone Etiquette

Rinng! Rinng! It’s shopping period, and the cell phones are back, interrupting lectures, concerts and dinners with their incessant beeps,

No Israeli Science Boycott

In the latest example of resurgent European anti-Semitism, administrators at the University of Paris 6 (which specializes in natural sciences)