The Agreeable Mr. Illingworth

He prided himself on his independent thought.

"I come out of the tradition of the solitary dean," Epps said last year. "I come from a generation where there's a lot to be said for muddling through and being open and not necessarily getting everything right."


Sharing the Lewis Vision

Authority aside, Illingworth says he is ideologically committed to Lewis' vision of the College.

He says he's agreed with Lewis on all substantive issues this semester. And while he cautions that the time may come when he and Lewis disagree, he doesn't predict any disagreements in the near future.

While Epps disagreed with Lewis about the College's role in social life, Illingworth says he shares Lewis' hands-off approach.

"I worry about major issues of stress, but I don't worry a lot about issues of social life," he says.

Unlike Epps, Illingworth has not challenged Lewis' opposition to a student center.

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