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What If It Were All a Lie?

It’s been a mantra for so long that no one really remembers how it got started. The only cooking appliance

Mountain Home-Grown Beauty Queen

Among the guys, it usually starts towards the end of freshman year. There are rumors of a better place, where

Proctors E-Mailed Unofficial Evaluation

On May 27, as students were packing up to leave for the summer, freshman proctors received an unusual request. An

Fit To Print?

Editor’s Note: This column is the first in a monthly series by the managing editor that will address questions of

Rich House, Poor House

Several candidates in this year's Undergraduate Council presidential race called for diverting some of the council's revenue to House Committees,

Major Water Main Bursts on Mem. Drive

A major artery supplying water to Cambridge sprung a leak yesterday, leading to a miniature flood on the sidewalk at

Students Harassed By Whispering Caller

A number of female students have received harassing phone calls in the last two weeks from an anonymous male who

Undergraduate Council Election Commission Gets Tough the Second Time Around

Who would have thought that Election Commission Chair David L. Levy '00 would have been among the most prominent figures

VOIP Technology Could Make Communication Systems More Efficient

The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technologies that Harvard may adopt for phone communication in the future are so new