Crimson's Complaint


"Sure, Professor Mansfield known his stuff, but it's my T.F. for the class who's the real gem. This is his 14th year of grad school--all of which have been devoted to the works of Leo Strauss--so he's got a ton of experience teaching sections."

"And you are working on getting onto a more normal schedule, aren't you? I want you eating breakfast every morning. Remember, several small meals throughout the day will keep your blood-sugar levels up. And protein. What are you eating for protein? For calcium? So help me, Jordana, if you aren't getting enough calcium every day."


"Mom, I'm eating really well. The Harvard University Dining Services is actually one of the best things this school's got going for the undergraduates. Just be thankful I don't live in Quincy House."

"Just remember, if you don't have your health, you've got nothing in life. And it's food and 8 hours of sleep that are going to keep you there. Anyway, you know how Dad likes his television shows. Last month he slipped back into his late-night 'Jerry' routine when they kicked 'Blind Date' off the air. But--thank God--he's found a new one: 'Dawson's Creek.' Jor, you don't carry a condom in your wallet, do you?"

"I mean, Mom, it's just there for sex ed. demonstrations I give for the kids I tutor over in Central Square. I just put it on a banana."

"And why is it that when I call your room in the morning does a guy answer the telephone? Who is he?"

"My roommate has a serious boyfriend."


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