In And Around Language: "Quiz"

Rumor has it that in 1791, a prankster and Dublin theater proprietor by the name of James Daly made a bet that he could make up a nonsensical word that would become a catchphrase overnight. He hired a group of street actors to write the word “quiz” on the walls around Dublin, and the next day people were asking each other what “quiz” meant. No doubt some know-it-alls claimed they had the answer, while others thought it was a test.

An Interview with the Urban Bliss Shaman

Picture a sleepy Sunday afternoon in Harvard Yard. There are a few people on the steps of Widener catching up on last week's reading. Freshman trickle back to their dorms from a Sunday brunch of Veritaffles. And then comes Julie C. Woods '81, and the silence is broken with the rhythmic sounds of her djembe.

The Urban Bliss Shaman

The Harvard Crimson sits down for an interview with Julie C. Woods '81, the Urban Bliss Shaman, to talk about Harvard, music, and 70-hour days.

Conference Discusses Changes in Soldiers' Experiences

A two-day interdisciplinary conference that examined the changing experiences of soldiers in modern society was hosted by the Humanities Center last weekend.

Albinism Panel

Marina M.A. Connelly '12 shares her experiences living with albinism in Australia and in the United States during a panel discussion sponsored by the Harvard Foundation that focused on the violence against people with albinism worldwide.


Elena Rosen, co-founder of Just Think and the National Association for Media Literacy Education, leads a focus group on Knowledge, Media, and Social Innovation at the Igniting Innovation Summit on Social Entrepreneurship in Bolyston Hall last Saturday.

Reflections On Five Years in the U.S.

I have had access to resources and opportunities that were unimaginable in China

Why I Chose Harvard

There is frustration and discontent with higher education in India

Leverett F-Tower Room Ninety-Seven

Both American and Brazilian education systems have their advantages and disadvantages, and a lot to learn from each other

The Education Dilemma in Saudi Arabia

Lack of an education that encourages critical thinking is the main reason that I decided to pursue my education abroad

Focus Introduction

When swine flu made national headlines last spring, it wasn’t the first time. A similar flu scare began in February, ...

The Swine Flu and You

In the meantime, people can protect themselves by continuing to wash their hands, maintaining social distancing from sick individuals, and checking the website for information about availability of the H1N1 vaccine.

A Quarantine Story

Silly me, I was so disillusioned with life I didn’t even realize I had contracted H1N1 until they told me.

Life in the Pen

The media loves epidemics.

Harvard Study, UHS Disagree On Swine Flu

Officials at the University Health Services will advise all undergraduates to be vaccinated against swine flu in sharp contrast to Massachusetts policy and to a just-completed Harvard Medical School study that will recommend against mass immunization of young adults.

Health Services Vaccinates 5000 People

Despite the distraction of mid-terms and the widespread publicity concerning swine flu vaccine’s possible side effects, almost 5000 people received the vaccine early this week in the UHS three-day immunization program.

The Professor, the Policeman, and the President

The arrest of Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr. has quickly become the best-publicized case of disorderly conduct to hit Middlesex

Now What?

Harvard and the privileged students who attend it are insulated from most global strife. Crises ranging from malaria in Africa,

Building a New Widener

In the fall term of 1897, a young man in precarious health enrolled in an experimental psychology course with Professor

Uncounted Costs of a Living Wage

The “Living-Wage Campaign” at Harvard is like a Boston winter: you know it’s going to strike, but wonder only when

No Child Left Behind

As we gear up to take midterm exams, students across the nation have begun to dodge tests of their own.

The Other Phallus-Breaker

When my roommate and I dismantled the lewd sculpture which appeared in the Yard a couple of weeks ago, our

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