Timeline: 1972-1976

March 5, 1976: Shuttle bus service is extended to daylight hours. “I felt guilty at first about not walking,” Meredith Beth ’76 told The Crimson.

March 16, 1976: A group of Radcliffe juniors send out letters to alumni asking for help starting a female final club.


April 16, 1976: A study finds Radcliffe women play dumb in order to boost the ego of their male counterparts and maintain a “normal heterosexual relationship.”

April 20, 1976: High jumper Mel Embree ’76 qualifies for the Olympic trials with a 7’2 (1/4) jump.

May 5, 1976: John H. Finley ’25 gives his final lecture in Humanities 103 on the “Great Age of Athens.” Finley says he is “about to embark on God’s freshman year.”

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