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Ticketing the Senior Class

Back when I applied for college, I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t end up at a place with fewer


Harvard Graduates Play Folk Mecca Club Passim

As the 1960s dawned, the home of folk musicians wasn’t Grenwich Village—it was Harvard Square, and more specifically Club Passim.

Food and Drink

come as they were

Nirvana Nirvana Universal For three minutes and 38 seconds, grunge enjoys a rebirth with Nirvana’s “You Know You’re Right.” Recorded

Reinventing the Wheel

Sixty-seven years later, a distinguished group of learned men felt that Harvard had slipped—that it had lost its way as


Ben Franklin? Sexy? Brands Remakes Biography

There’s a phenomenon in America that’s almost as shocking as discovering that Ben Franklin really did discover electricity by flying

Fogg Lands Toulouse-Lautrec Show

The Fogg Art Museum will unveil a rare exhibition this Saturday of the earliest works by French turn-of-the century painter

Scientists Try Free Journal Access

Three of Harvard’s top scientists are playing a major role in the attempt to provide free access to scholarly research


Dreaming of Gold

Perhaps I’ve just gotten better at procrastinating since last year’s Sydney Olympic Games or maybe I now watch too much


Blinded By Science

Scientists aim to save and prolong life with their honorable quests, from curing cancer to encouraging Americans to eat less


Female and Minority Issues Find Stage Outlet

A very pregnant black woman struts angrily across a spartan stage, her pink terry-cloth bathrobe barely large enough to fit

Swift Discusses Life After Sept. 11

Acting Gov. Jane M. Swift addressed the challenges of political leadership in the aftermath of Sept.11 last night at the

W. Tennis Just Misses

Coming up just one match short to a team it was to weak to even play last year, the No.


Breaking the News

“Go downstairs and get a quote from the governor’s press office. We need her response so we can run an

POSTCARD FROM CAMBRIDGE: Salivating for a Salad Bar

Over dinner a few days ago, my summer roommate asked, “Has anyone seen the spoon?” Note the singular, “spoon.” Luckily,

Rubin's Steady Hand Guided World Finances

Credited as the engineer of former President Bill Clinton’s economic vision for America and the savior of the world’s financial