Kegless, Parties Roll On

Revelers brave muck, chill on victorious day

In contrast to other HoCo chairs, Vivero said the decision to relocate the tailgates was a good one because it prevented intoxicated students from crossing the streets to the stadium.

But with hundreds of cars and thousands of people, the intramural fields were extremely muddy.

“It couldn’t be foreseen because of the rain the day before,” Murphy said.

Some students had said they worried the keg ban would be environmentally unfriendly, replacing kegs with cans and bottles.

“There was way more of a mess,” said Leverett HoCo Co-Chair Miriam S. Udler ’03, comparing this year’s tailgates to the ones two years ago.


“I stepped on lots of cans, and handles were buried in the mud,” said Vivero, who added that cups might have replaced the cans if kegs had been allowed.

Harvard University Police Department (HUPD) officers inspected trucks as they entered the athletic complex to ensure no kegs made it to the tailgate.

HUPD could not be reached for comment yesterday.