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Senior Class Committee Endorses Video

A group of seniors gained official support for their senior class video Friday when the Senior Class Committee (SCC) voted

Committee Denies Link With Class Video

Three seniors are creating a class video that they are promoting as a product sanctioned by the Senior Class Committee

Seeking Grace, Students Flock to New Church

Two years ago, Russell J. Schlecht felt a sudden urge to move to Boston and start a church. “One day

House Access Extension Clears Hurdle

Next year’s first-years may not have to wait outside in the cold for an upperclass student to swipe them into

Election Chair Runs the Show

Perhaps the most powerful figure in this year’s Undergraduate Council presidential campaign hasn’t been posting signs or holding rallies outside

Society Suffers Cost Of Lead Poisoning

Lead poisoning costs society up to $45,000 per building for each decade that building codes are not strictly enforced, according