Unjustified Outrage


To the editors:

Boy, am I tired of The Crimson’s endless moralizing and trite commentary regarding Suzanne Pomey and Randy Gomes, two fellow students I had never heard of until these pages broke the story of the sinful origins of their “lavish lifestyle” (is that what we consider drug addiction to be?). Now your columnists can’t seem to get enough of the humiliation in store for them and have jumped on this opportunity to grind axes against the people who seek attention, dress expensively and don’t acknowledge them in the halls. Grand larceny is indeed a crime, but their self-righteousness and sheer spite is unwarranted and tiresome. Given that the two students in question are facing decade-long sentences if convicted, it’s downright grotesque.

The alleged crime amounts to two well-off kids stealing from a bunch of other well-off kids, with neglible harm done. Fascinating though they are, I don’t appreciate reading quotations from final club and sorority spokespersons in articles seeking to track the progress of thousands of dollars from one elitist social club to another. The fact of these transfers’ illegality is certainly interesting, but hardly of dire importance to anyone besides said spokespersons. How absolutely horrifying that the Pudding may have unwittingly helped to sponsor a Theta-Delphic mixer! Is there really nothing better for The Crimson to report on or moralize about?

Madeleine S. Elfenbein ’04

Feb. 7, 2002