Letter to the Editor: My Own Experience of Inequity and Progress in Harvard’s Anthropology Department

If the potentially transformative measures currently being eyed go forth, as I hope they will, they won’t be solely the outcome of such accusations, or even of new and dynamic departmental leadership.

Letter to the Editor: The Dignity of Dorm Crew

While not always glamorous or exciting, there is dignity in custodial work that is worthy of a more nuanced and thoughtful examination by the Harvard community.

Letter to the Editor: In Response to ‘The End of the Harvard Century’

My hope is for students to be exposed to a broad range of ideas (which is why I invited Mr. Teng, among others, to speak in my class in the spring of 2015) and to form their own judgments about China's past and present.

The Myth of Infinite Money

Limitations on federal debt are not simply theoretical constructs from “mainstream discourse” in economics as the author suggests; they are historical facts.

HKS Dean Elmendorf’s Response Too Little Too Late

While we appreciate Dean Douglas W. Elmendorf’s engagement and the steps the Kennedy School has taken, they are too little too late.

Letter to the Editor: Athletes Can Change Their Minds, Too

The freedom to change your mind and to acquire new interests — that is, the right to an education in the full sense of the term — belongs to athletes at Harvard every bit as much as it belongs to other Harvard students.

Harvard Professors Sign Letter Supporting President Trump’s Impeachment

Twenty-five Harvard faculty joined more than 1,500 historians to sign an open letter Monday denouncing President Donald J. Trump’s “numerous and flagrant abuses of power” and calling for his impeachment.

Letter to the Editor: In Response to 'Still Waiting for Nuance'

In response to The Crimson’s staff editorial, “Still Waiting for Nuance” (October 9), I wish to clarify Harvard's unrecognized single-gender social organizations policy and our procedures for enforcing it.

Letter to the Editor: Context Matters

We also believe that context is everything in thinking about the use of images such as this flag. We would never wave it at a Japan-South Korea sporting event, where it functions as a provocation to Korean fans. We condemn those who do so.

Letter to the Editor: Divestment, So Much More than Optics

At the end of the day, Divest Harvard is fueled not by fear, but by hope. The climate crisis is not a lost cause. It’s an overwhelming challenge and that’s why we’re starting at home.

Letter to the Editor: Promoting an Inclusive Community for All GSAS Students

Inclusion and belonging are a priority for me as dean, as it was for my predecessors. I’ve seen firsthand the efforts of the Dudley House leadership, staff, and fellows to make Dudley a welcoming home for all students.

Letter to the Editor: The Agenda-Setter's Veto

Yet as trust lies at the core of civil debate, clear efforts to restore that trust would carry far more weight than lecturing us about the dangers of inconveniencing the administration.

Letter to the Editor: A Clarification on Embedded EthiCS

We want to clarify a couple of things in the staff editorial just so that readers have a better understanding of where the program is.

Letter to the Editor: Editorial Board Fell Short on UC

A recent piece by The Crimson Editorial Board criticizing the outgoing leadership of the Undergraduate Council — of which I am the former Vice President — represents a failure of adequate research.

Letter to the Editor: Article Misrepresented Dershowitz

Virginia Roberts leveled her false accusations four years ago. At the time, I disproved them categorically.

Letter to the Editor: Queer Love is Beautiful, Too

Every healthy and consensual sexual preference and practice is valid, and we criticize the shaming of sex that falls into this category.

Letter to the Editor: Proposed Tax Would Undermine Massachusetts’ Education, Innovation Ecosystem

The proposed endowment tax would be a step back and would directly undermine Massachusetts’ strong higher education sector and all that it enables.

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