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50 Years ago

‘Ivy Group’ Now Legal Term

For years just a sportswriter’s label, the “Ivy Group” became official this summer. Under a pact called the “Ivy Group Agreement” which calls the so-called Ivy colleges the “Ivy Group,” the eight presidents also expanded regulations controlling intercollegiate football.

Signed by the presidents of Harvard, Yale, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Pennsylvania, and Princeton, the football agreement tightens eligibility requirements and puts on college presidents additional responsibility for keeping college sports clean and in proper perspective.

—Sept. 19, 1952

Shorts Too Short at ’Cliffe, Sloppy Jeans Bad Say Deans

Short shorts, sloppy blue jeans, and “indecorous conduct” in public places came up for discussion at the Cedar Hill meetings last weekend.

Radcliffe officials said they hoped ’Cliffedwellers would recognize such conduct as being in “bad taste,” and that the “pressures of public opinion” would force students to observe “more ladylike appearances” in the Yard and Quad.

—Sept. 20, 1952

25 Years ago

Changing the Face of Harvard

Under a new housing plan set forth earlier this year, for the first time in its 300-year history, Harvard Yard this fall will house the entire Harvard-Radcliffe freshman class.