Recognize Boys Choir's High Level of Excellence

Letter to the Editors

To the editors:

The article yesterday about the Boys Choir of Harlem made only small mention of a significant part of their residency - what they gave us (News, “Harlem Choir Gets Taste of Harvard Life,” Feb. 10). Office for the Arts program manager Thomas Lee was right when he said, “the group added a new level of excellence to this institution.” Throughout the residency Dr. Walter J. Turnbull, imparted his expertise not only the boys of the Choir, but also the many Harvard musicians who performed alongside them.

Furthermore, the excellence that Turnbull and the Boys Choir added to this institution is also seen in his own institution. The boys and girls of the Choir Academy of Harlem, which is one of New York City’s best, excel academically and intellectually in addition to an intense rehearsal and performance schedule. It is important to note these already substantial achievements of the boys of the Choir at this stage in their lives. It is a tribute to Turnbull that he develops tremendous musicians. Above all, however, he helps develops tremendous men and women.

Charles M. Moore ’04

Feb. 10, 2003