New President Heads The Spee

Final club elects its first African-American president

“Let’s just say that for someone who’s into philosophy, he’s a good dresser,” Buttigieg says.

Winston has assumed extracurricular leadership roles since high school. In a mock government program in California, Winston was elected governor of the group of 2,000 students.

“Randall values fairness,” says Carolyn E. Davies ’04, a friend of Winston who participated in the high school legislature program with him. “I can’t think of a better model for a leader.”

“He captivated a room of 2,000 people with his charm,” says Leila Chirayath ’04-’05, another friend California legislature program member. “I’ve admired him since the moment I met him.”

The Spee, which was founded in 1853, was the first club to accept an African-American member—Frank Snowden ’68—according to a Spee member who did not want to be identified.


The Spee was also the first final club to accept a Jewish member, the member said.

In addition, John F. Kennedy ’40, who was a Spee member from 1938-1940, was able to join the Spee despite being a Catholic at a time when some of the other clubs did not accept Catholics.

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