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2 in 5 Say They Sought Mental Health Help

Two out of five Harvard seniors say they have sought mental health treatment while in college, according to the results

The Class of 2007 Heads To Work­, Study, and Play

The majority of the Class of 2007 plans to enter the workforce come graduation, though a third of seniors who

Surveying the Scene

Every year, the members of the graduating class are required to take a survey that asks for their assessment of

Small But Special

Date: Thursday, October 12, 2006. Time: 7:40 p.m. Place: Somewhere over the Atlantic. Northwest Airlines flight to Scotland. For the

DEAR NIKKI: The Last Hurrah

As Nikki moves on to executive status at The Crimson, 2006 will usher in a brand new column, and so

DEAR NIKKI: Getting the timing right

Dear Nikki, I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed lately and have been considering taking time off. I’ve talked to a bunch

Social Planning Balance Shifting

This fall’s successful Harvard State Fair and Harvard-Yale pep rally shared one crucial ingredient: support from the Dean’s Office. Though

DEAR NIKKI: 'Tis the Season

Dear Nikki, I really don’t know what to get my girlfriend for holiday time. We just started dating, and I’m

DEAR NIKKI: Gobbling, Gossiping, Gabbing

Dear Nikki, Every time I go home for the holidays, I feel completely unproductive. I bring home a decent amount

At Yale, Tailgates Proceed Largely Unimpeded

Students may not have been funneling beer or guzzling from ice luges en masse, but Harvard and Yale undergraduates and


Dear Nikki, I’ve been dating this graduate student for a couple of weeks now, and he all of the sudden

DEAR NIKKI: How To Get to Bed

Dear Nikki, I feel like lately I’ve just been so busy with work, extracurricular activities, and friends that I haven’t

DEAR NIKKI: Oh...Social Dynamics

Dear Nikki, Whenever I go out with my fellow guy friends to a club and we approach some girls dancing,

DEAR NIKKI: Envy and Emotions

Dear Nikki, Everyone thinks my roommate is so beautiful, and even though I’m good friends with her, I find myself

DEAR NIKKI: Lies and Lag Time

Dear Nikki, I have a tendency to tell lots of white lies to my girlfriend. And while I know people