PETA Protest Ends in 6 Arrests

Undergrad among nude anti-fur protestors arrested in Square

Undergrads who squeezed into the Science Center lecture hall said they wished they could have gotten Mathews’s perspective on the day’s event.

“I was really excited to see him, especially after the class readings,” Sandy L. Ullman ’07 said. “It seems Dan Mathews has this charisma, so I am really disappointed.”

Mathews said he would be happy to reschedule an appearance before Religion 1529, which with an enrollment of 587 students is one of the largest courses at the College.

In addition to Waller and Mathews, the others arrested yesterday were Aryenish Tiraz Birdie, Amy Thomson, Brandi Valladolid and Karla Waples. Mathews said all four were PETA employees or interns.

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