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Rivers, We Hardly Knew Ye

“I kept wondering, who’s this 30 year old guy in the bathroom?” Dave A. Stephens ’05 “I wasn’t an Asian

Miss America Visits HRC

After serving as Miss America 2003 and touring the country in support of President Bush, Erika N. Harold spoke about

Natsui, Ridge To Take Reins At PBHA Next Year

Hoping to strengthen ties with local community service programs, Shaw Natsui ’05-’06 won an uncontested race for the presidency of

Campaign Aides Look for New Jobs

For the many Harvard undergraduates and alums who sacrificed their sleep and studies to stump for presidential candidates, President Bush’s

Harvard Reacts to Close Election

In overwhelmingly liberal Cambridge, Bush celebrations were few and far between yesterday, but as one news organization after another called

Copley Turns Sober As Night Wears On

BOSTON—Hundreds descended on Copley Square yesterday hoping for a victory speech from John F. Kerry, but the crowd became subdued

Absentee Voters Hit Roadblocks

It took Matthew P. Downer ’07 four e-mails and a phone call to find out that he won’t be allowed

Website Allows Voters To Declare in Advance

Voters who can’t wait to cast a ballot in November can now pre-vote in a simulated election on a website

College Dems Greet Kerry

Ten members of the Harvard College Democrats helped carry the Kerry campaign one piece of luggage at time, when they

Thousands Run in High Temperatures

A strong and sweaty brigade of runners dressed in everything from superman costumes to hula skirts to skimpy speedos pushed

Area Dems Unite To Support Kerry

Putting aside conflicting loyalties to past presidential hopefuls, students from more than six schools converged yesterday in Sever Hall at

Debate Wins National Tourney

Defending the morality of individuals’ rights to sell their votes and arguing in favor of life imprisonment without parole were

Survey Predicts More Young Adults Will Vote

Students may have been buying the Urban Outfitters T-shirt proclaiming “Voting is For Old People” earlier this month, but a

What A Fellow!

Strutting onto stage in a sparkling white dress adorned with feathers and a blonde curly wig, Jesse “The Body” Ventura,

PETA Protest Ends in 6 Arrests

Wearing nothing but colorful underwear and strategically placed tape, one Harvard undergraduate joined five similarly clad representatives from the People