College Dems Greet Kerry

In this under-30 demographic, Kerry’s lead has given way to a neck-and-neck race with 45 percent of voters for Kerry and 44 percent for Bush, according to a poll reported by MSNBC last week.

Both campaigns have been targeting college-aged students. Kerry appeared on “The Daily Show;” a Bush campaign blog follows the president’s 22-year-old twin daughters.

“The Heinz-Kerry and Edwards kids have been enormously active on college campuses,” said Griffin. “[Kerry’s stepson] Chris Heinz is trying to get to Harvard this Tuesday.”

The last time Kerry came to Harvard was to participate in Chris Matthews’s “Hardball” TV series, which was filmed on campus last Fall.

No visits by prominent members of the Bush campaign are expected between now and the election, said Lauren Truesdell ’06, spokeswoman for the Harvard Republican Club (HRC). But Truesdell said that members of the HRC aren’t too worried.


“Running the country or campaigning for re-election...” Truesdell said. “We think those should be his priorities right now.”

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