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The Prying Game

Summer Songs

By Michael A. Mohammed, Crimson Staff Writer

What, for you, was the song of the summer? Not what topped the charts, but what fit your life as you lived it from June to August?

I, for example, was in Cleveland this summer. The city has its charms, and the waterfront is nice, but something tells me I won’t be moving to Ohio anytime soon. At least Spoon and the Pixies came to town; along with Sufjan Stevens and The Mountain Goats (those two it-boys of sensitive singer-songwritering) I spent a summer that was more tragic than hip. My song was “This Year,” the Mountain Goats’ tragic but exuberant story of adolescent defiance.

Anyway, here’s what some other people thought.

Aaron Gibralter ’07

I was a fan of “Badd,” by the Ying Yang Twins. Before that I’d never heard a rap song successfully incorporate the word “vagina.”

Mark Lizoain ’07

I was in Spain for a month and the song was “La Camisa Negra,” by Juanes….Once, while the song was playing, I was in line for the bathroom [at a bar] and a guy peed on my feet. So the song reminds me of the carefree spirit most Spaniards have.

Mopepea Deutsch ’06

“Gasolina,” [by Abaya]. It was the first time I’d heard [Reggaetone]. It was in my lab – sleep deprivation research. We’d listen to it and bond while number-crunching, with the subjects hooked up to electrodes downstairs.

Haewan Bae ’06

I was in Korea, so my song of the summer was “She Is,” by Clazziquai. It’s a Korean ballad – very romantic. If I was going to meet a girl, I’d listen to it on the bus ride there to get me in the mood.

Dhruva Kothari ’06

“Hate it or Love it” by 50 Cent and The Game. I’d always come back after doing ec research and studying for the MCATs, hang out on the 13th floor of Peabody Terrace, and listen to that song.

Dennie Kim ’07

I didn’t have one, ’cause [Dhruva] just played fuckin’ “Hate it or Love it” on my computer 24/7.

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