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Hotspot: The Cantab Lounge

You need more dive in your life, and the remarkably dive-tastic Cantab is the place to get it. The Central

The Prying Game: Better Than Wyclef

Yes, Wyclef canceled. And once again we are reminded that the UC should, for once, have asked the people. Then

Epic Shows War ‘Through the Eyes of a Child’

Late in the film “Innocent Voices,” the 12-year-old main character waits on his knees to be executed by U.S.-trained government

The Prying Game: Saturday Morning Cartoons

As a high school senior, I found a video tape with a couple of old “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” episodes

Hot Spot: t.t. the Bear’s Place

t.t. the Bear’s Place 10 Brookline Pl., Cambridge $3-15, 21+ So, youngster, you want to be hip. Whenever someone mentions

The Prying Game

What, for you, was the song of the summer? Not what topped the charts, but what fit your life as

The Hot Spot

Wally’s Jazz Cafe 427 Mass. Ave., Boston No cover charge, 21+ Wally’s might not initially seem a promising candidate for

The Celebrity Prying Game: Guilty Pleasures

For Arts First, we’ve asked some of Harvard’s most famous professors and arguably its most beloved alum about their favorite

Opti-Phonic VJs Remix Culture

You’ve probably seen music visualizations before—those pretty and colorful displays that pulse in time with the music in your favorite

The Prying Game: Summer Flicks

Summertiiiiime…Fish are jumpin’, the cotton is high, your daddy’s rich and your mammy’s good lookin’… It’s time for the last

CD Review: Human After All

Make it stop. Make the Vocoder voices stop. This is not the ’80s. Do not use a Vocoder more than


“A hardtop, with a decent engine. And make sure it’s got a big trunk.” The character Dwight (Clive Owen) snaps

THE PRYING GAME: Jacko's Trial

What do you do when one of the best-loved musicians of your childhood morphs into a bizarre, apparently mentally-disturbed accused

Chilling With Elvis, The Controversial Charmer

For a writer who made his mark criticizing films with a mixture of dry wit, far-far-out metaphors and opinions that

MOVIE REVIEW: Frank Miller's Sin City

“A hardtop, with a decent engine. And make sure it’s got a big trunk.” The character Dwight (Clive Owen) snaps