CRIMSON LIVE: Men's Hockey @ Colgate

The Crimson travels to Hamilton to begin its final weekend of the regular season

05:00: That's it from Starr Rink--Harvard gets a great chance literally in the final second, but Dekanich makes one last glove save on a rebound to secure the tie. We've got to get going, I'm sure we're going to have to dig our metallic gray rental car, which we have dubbed "El Zorro de Plata" (major shout-out to EWC), out of the ice. 

04:27: Alex Biega loses it at the Raiders blue line, Colgate's Brian Day takes it the other way for a wide-open look at Richter, who makes the stop. And now we have a Harvard timeout, and a faceoff coming in the Raiders' zone. Just 33 seconds left to play.

00:00: Overtime is under way.

THIRD INTERMISSION: We'll have 1:39 of 4-on-4 play left to start the extra frame.

20:00: That's the end of regulation--we'll have overtime in two minutes.

19:39: Coincidental minors--after the whistle, Tyler Burton shoves Pelle into the Raiders net, gets called for cross-checking, Pelle gets unsportsmanlike conduct (for allegedly taking a dive).

19:22: A save by Richter deflects the puck into the stands, faceoff coming in the Harvard zone.

18:01: Fraser makes a great play to keep the puck in the Colgate zone, then a scuffle in front of the net dislodges it from its moorings. Faceoff in the Raiders zone.

14:15: Taylor wraps around the right post from behind and tries to hit Taylor coming in from the left, but it bounces off his ankle.

12:52: HARVARD GOAL--Michael Biega gets a shot from up top, Dekanich makes the block but Rogers gathers in the rebound near the left post, swoops back around to the right and puts it in. A 5-on-4 goal and a 3-3 game. The huge special-teams opportunity hadn't been going very well up to that point, as the Crimson had spent a lot of time passing it around the top of the Colgate zone without generating too much in the way of pressure.

10:12: Colgate penalty--Jason Fredricks sent to the box for roughing, we'll have 1:23 of 5-on-3 for Harvard.

09:35: Colgate penalty--after the whistle, we have roughing on Tom Riley.

04:22: COLGATE GOAL--Colgate's Mike Werner gets a feed in the slot, sneaks it under a sprawling Richter for a 3-2 Raiders lead.

00:00: Rogers wins the faceoff, and we're under way, with both teams sporting just four skaters.

SECOND INTERMISSION: Coincidental minors have been charged to Fraser and Colgate's Tyler Burton at the end of the second.

SECOND INTERMISSION: Your out-of-town scores: Cornell is now up 3-0 over Dartmouth, while Union and Yale are tied at 1.

SECOND INTERMISSION: I am going to go make a concession to the concessions stand.

20:00: End of the second period, with our score 2-2.

15:53: Harvard penalty--holding on Alex Biega.

13:35: Coincidental minors--A few seconds after getting leveled by MacDonald at the Harvard blue line, Ethan Cox has been called for holding. Pelle is also called for roughing.

12:22: COLGATE GOAL--David McIntyre nets a rebound from the slot, appeared to be redirected in the crease before it got through Richter. 2-2 game.

10:00: Colgate's Tyler Burton tried a slapshot from the top of the zone, Richter tried to glove it but it deflected off his mitt and trickled behind him past the left post, almost went in.

07:13: HARVARD GOAL--Coming off a faceoff in the right circle of the Colgate zone, Alex Biega takes aim from the right point and rockets one past Dekanich for a 2-1 Crimson lead.

06:26: Penalty killed by Colgate--not a good showing for Harvard on its first power-play opportunity.

05:25: Harvard was having some trouble getting it out of its own zone--Mike Taylor lost the puck behind his own net at one point. Faceoff coming in the neutral zone.

04:15: Colgate penalty--Mark Anderson whistled for roughing. First Harvard power play of the night.

02:31: The puck spends an eternity bouncing around in front of the Crimson net, Pier-Olivier Michaud makes a nice effort to clear it but it keeps kicking around and Colgate gets a few shots off until Richter eventually covers it.

01:36: HARVARD GOAL--Michael Biega, coming down the center of the Raiders zone, passes it to Dufault on the right who sends it through Dekanich. Tie game.

00:52: Fraser, boxed in by the ref, loses the puck in his own zone, but Richter gloves the ensuing Colgate shot.

00:00 The second period begins with Rogers losing the faceoff to Colgate's Tom Riley.

FIRST INTERMISSION: I'm only about halfway through the word count for my sociology response paper, and I'm just about out of ideas. Email any suggestions to

FIRST INTERMISSION: Your relevant out-of-town scores: Union and Yale are scoreless, while Cornell leads Dartmouth 1-0.

20:00: The first period ends with Colgate up 1-0. Not a great period for the Crimson, as penalty trouble prevented it from mounting any pressure and led to the one Raider goal.

18:50: Michael Biega, entering the left side of the zone, passes it back to older brother Alex for a shot to the left post, Dekanich makes the save.

16:40: Nick Coskren comes in the right side, passes it to Dave Watters for a shot but it's gloved by Dekanich.

14:15: COLGATE GOAL--Just as the Crimson returns to full strength, Ethan Cox swipes a puck in the neutral zone, comes in the right side and beats Richter to the left. 1-0 Colgate, technically an even-strength goal but certainly set up by the power play.

12:11: Harvard penalty--this time it's Doug Rogers for tripping.

10:32: Once again, we have an icing on Pelle just after the Crimson returned to full strength. Faceoff in the Harvard zone.

08:14: Harvard penalty--behind his own net, David MacDonald takes down a Colgate attacker and is called for holding.

07:20: Paul Dufault intercepts a pass in the neutral zone, but his shot is blocked and lands up here in the press box (no fatalities).

06:48: A Mike Taylor shot from the right passes across an open goalmouth, but there's no one at the right post to redirect it in.

06:12: The penalty is over, but Jon Pelle has just iced it, so we'll have a faceoff in the Harvard zone.

03:17: Harvard penalty--Jack Christian for holding.

00:00: And we're under way, as Jimmy Fraser wins the faceoff for Harvard.

T-24:21: Current Starr Rink musical selection: "This Is Why I'm Hot." A subtle, ironic nod to the frigid weather here in Hamilton? Who can say...

T-32:00: Welcome to cold, snowy, and decidedly rural Hamilton, New York, where the Harvard Crimson will be taking on the Colgate Raiders. My esteemed colleague, Karan Lodha, was all set to bring you this live blog, until his computer's wireless capabilities went caput. Fate, it seems, has dictated that I will be with you this evening, and I think it's safe to say we are all better off for it.

--Staff writer Daniel J. Rubin-Wills is live on the scene at Starr Rink.