UC Divided on Election


Following this article’s publication on slightly after 2 a.m., Kim and Student Life Committee Chair Senan Ebrahim ’12 contacted The Crimson to endorse the Hayward-Zhang ticket, emphasizing what they said was the pairing’s strong record of advocacy.

“I do support Hayward-Zhang,” Ebrahim said. “Their convincing brand of advocacy has brought me on board...[Hayward] is by far the most effective advocate I’ve seen on my time on the UC.”

Of the five committee chairs on the UC, three have now endorsed Hayward-Zhang. Kim has gone back and forth as a member of the ticket’s campaign staff, explaining that though he said he maintains his support for the pair, “the point of the UC isn’t the election—the point of the UC is actually doing advocacy work and working on our projects...officially signing on to a staff list takes away from actual mission of the UC.”

Kim has already expressed his intention to be re-added to the staff list and said that this will occur later this morning.


“The reason why I’m signing on right now is that I really feel that the only way I can actively campaign for George is being on the staff list,” Kim said.

Both Ebrahim and Kim agreed with Flores that the race is less charged within the Council than last year’s, which Ebrahim said makes the exact pulse of UC reps’ support “difficult to sense.”