Greenhouse Brings Back Indian Cooking

Curry made its return to the Science Center yesterday as the building’s Greenhouse Café marked the reopening of Monsoon Kitchen—the Indian food vendor that had been closed for the summer months.

The occasion saw its share of festive decorations: a banner hung near the entrance to the area, and the counter was draped with a bright-colored tapestry and decked with small wood-carved elephants.

“I have lunch pretty frequently at Greenhouse because it is so convenient, and I wasn’t aware of the new Indian food before today until I saw the signs, so I will definitely try it in the future,” said Martha R. Farlow ’13, who said she frequents the café to study.

Over the summer, Monsoon Kitchen was provisionally replaced by American Barbecue, a dining option featuring Southern style food, according to Crista Martin, Harvard University Dining Services director for marketing and communications. The seasonally appropriate menu offered an assortment of meal options including barbecued chicken, broccoli, pulled pork, baked beans, coleslaw, corn on the cob, potato salad, and watermelon.

But the Monsoon Kitchen entrees and complements signal a return to a more ethnic flavor, pushing out picnic foods to make room for cultural cuisine. The new café station provides a selection for students that includes chicken samosas, vegetable samosas, pakoras, and naan bread.


“I remembered the Indian food from last year, and I knew they would bring it back eventually,” said Alejandra Duarte ’10 after a meal from Monsoon Kitchen. “I like this food because it’s a nice alternative to other choices at the Greenhouse Café that is not pizza or something fried.”

Martin said that Monsoon Kitchen was reintroduced to provide fresh options for the campus dining scene.

“Monsoon was simply a seasonal change for variety,” Martin said. “The students really like the Indian cuisine, so I am sure it will be well received.”

HUDS currently has no definitive plans for changing the dining station again in the future, Martin said, but for now, students can enjoy the new season with Indian seasonings.


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