Ten Stories That Shaped 2020

The past twelve months were a year like no other for Harvard and the world. Under the backdrop of a once-in-a-century pandemic, students took classes from all over the globe, while pushing for social change at the University and on the political stage. Here, The Crimson reviews ten stories that defined 2020 at Harvard.

Harvard University Dining Services to Close Four Facilities, Lay Off Employees

The University will permanently close four Harvard University Dining Services facilities and lay off the dining workers at each location, according to Harvard Campus Services spokesperson Michael D. Conner.

On Leave Due to COVID-19 Concerns, Forty-Three Harvard Dining Workers Risk Going Without Pay

Forty-three Harvard University Dining Services employees are at risk of going unpaid for the remainder of the school year because of a loophole in the compensation policies the University has instituted during the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to several affected employees and two representatives from their union.

Subcontracted Guards Decry Lack of Comparable Emergency Benefits to Harvard Employees After Coronavirus Closes Campus Facilities

Subcontracted security guards at Harvard say they have not been guaranteed the same emergency compensation benefits as the University’s direct-hire employees, even as some guards report losing work and pay following the closure of many campus facilities in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students with Food Allergies Decry Struggles Navigating On-Campus Dining

Some Harvard undergraduates with food allergies and intolerances said they struggle to navigate on-campus dining, citing issues with incomplete labeling, cross-contamination, and inadequate accommodations.

Ten Stories That Shaped the 2010s

The past decade at Harvard has been anything but boring. The University witnessed a bevy of challenges — cheating scandals and financial troubles, lawsuits and strikes. Here, The Crimson takes a look back at stories that defined Harvard over the past ten years.

Two Student Referenda to Appear on UC Ballot

Two referenda reached the requisite number of student signatures to appear on the ballot during the Undergraduate Council’s upcoming presidential election, according to UC Rules Committee Chair Conner P. Williams ’21.

UC Tries to Bring Food Robots to Campus

The UC is currently working on a project to bring to campus small robots powered by artificial intelligence that can deliver food to students, according to Dunster House Representative Noah Harris ’22.

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