Boston Trail Mix

Got a bike you want to use for more than that daily trek to CGIS? Tired of perusing the same ...

Got a bike you want to use for more than that daily trek to CGIS? Tired of perusing the same scenery between the Quad and Science Center? The Boston area features several adventurous trails and rides for all types of cyclists, and the T allows you to bring your bike aboard as long as it’s not rush hour. Take advantage of the  spring weather and unleash your inner Lance Armstrong.

Minuteman Trail

For the history buffs out there, the Minuteman Trail allows you to create your own mini-Revolutionary War reenactment. Rest assured, though, a little less will be at stake than when Paul Revere made this journey in 1775. This 11-mile path through Arlington, Lexington, and Bedford closely mirrors the route of Revere’s legendary ride. Popular with young and old alike, the flat paved walkway follows the former tracks of the since closed Lexington & West Cambridge Railroad. It’s a scenic but shaded path, with some history to complement a leisurely trip that’s accessible for casual cyclists. To avoid city biking, start the trail at the Alewife T-stop.

Dr. Paul Dudley White Bike Path: Charles River

The renowned cardiologist Dr. Paul Dudley White (Class of 1908) is memorialized with, among other things, a three-cent postage stamp, a Presidential Medal of Freedom, and this 17-mile bike trail. The local loop, a mere few blocks away from River Houses, shadows the banks of the Charles through Boston, Cambridge, Newton, and Watertown. River views are the highlight of this trip, presenting a brief escape from tall buildings and cityscapes. Green pastures and benches for relaxing line certain portions. However, riders beware—the path narrows significantly at parts, which means little room for passing and overcrowding on temperate spring days. Watch out for inanimate objects and other people as you pedal. With a safe exercise routine, your own cardiologist will be thrilled that you’re taking care of your heart.


For more ambitious cyclists, this route is a beautiful trip through the rural outskirts of Boston. Starting out from Winthrop, Mass., the roads wind through the sweeping greenery of Carlisle, pass by the Revolutionary War sites of Minuteman National Historical Park and Concord Battle sites, and include a few moderate hills. Take a day off from studying and jump on this 44-mile round-trip from Winthrop for a Tour de Massachusetts, accessible by the Blue Line.