Kid Cudi Attracts Yardfest Crowds

Anita B. Hofschneider

Singer and rapper Kid Cudi performs before a crowd of undergraduates at yesterday's Yardfest 2010.

The ominous clouds and rain forecast forced the usual pre-Yardfest picnic into dining halls, but the sporadic drizzle did not dissuade undergraduates from attending the College’s fifth annual Yardfest last night.

With anticipation highest for hip-hop artist Kid Cudi, best known for his single “Day ‘n’ Nite,” the concert also featured indie-folk artist Patrick Park and rapper Wale, attracting about 4,500 attendees, according to College Events Board chair Moira E. Forberg ’11 and vice-chair Stephen G. Anastos Jr ’11.

The event began with the relaxed, mellow vibe of Patrick Park’s guitar, but few guests were in attendance at the time. The audience totaled 29 people initially, with over 50 spectators by the end of Park’s first two numbers.

Park began the concert with the song “Honest Screw” while attendees frolicked around the four tire swings laid out around Tercentenary Theatre.

But many more streamed in as Wale took the stage, with some enthusiastic concert-goers carrying neon pink and yellow whale cut-outs inscribed with Wale’s name and even hoisting friends on their shoulders. The audience cheered and swayed their arms as Wale played “Chillin’.”



Yardfest 2010

Yardfest 2010

Wale’s rap led into Kid Cudi’s similar energetic hip-hop stylings, replete with bright, multicolored lights that heightened the excitement by shining a blue-and-white pinwheel against Widener Library and punctuating the words “Oh, oh, oh” in his song “Mr. Solo Dolo” with bright white flashes.

Attendees pressed up against the stage and against each other in an effort to catch a glimpse of the artist, who encouraged audience enthusiasm with his “I say Kid, you say Cudi” call-and-response.

But the crowd had to wait until the very end to hear Kid Cudi perform his most popular single, “Day ‘n’ Nite.”

He abruptly left the stage after playing the song, but returned to cheers to play another one of his well-known singles, “Pursuit of Happiness.”

Many attendees raved about this year’s concert, particularly the choice of artists and Kid Cudi’s selection.

“I’m so glad Harvard finally got such a good Yardfest together,” said Belinda R. J. O’Donnell ’11, who said this year’s concert was the best of her time here.

“This is a concert I would pay to see,” said Alexander J. Pease ’10. “It was free, and I really appreciate it.”

The CEB, who co-sponsored the event with the Harvard Concert Commission, said they were pleased with the event’s turnout.

Despite a forecast that predicted rain, forcing the relocation of dinner from the Yard to dining halls, the attendees experienced only a light drizzle.

“We fell in the better 50 percent,” Forberg said of the forecast that predicted a 50 percent chance of rain, adding, “I think we made a good call being cautious with the food.”

Dining halls, instead of offering a standard dinner menu, served kebabs, corn dogs, and pretzels.

But even though attendance could not be encouraged by the presence of dinner in the Yard, the artists were still able to leave them satisfied, according to many guests.

“That was amazing,” said Michael Zhang ’12.

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