‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ Review: Big Hit, Little Simz

Amidst the clamor of rap’s heavy-hitters, Simz’s homage to the underdog rises to the top and serves as a masterclass for any aspiring (or established) artist on how to turn beats and sounds into a work of art.

Charley Crockett Review: The Boston Country Scene Happens on Wednesday Nights

As country devolves into a greasy mimicry of pop music, Charley Crockett and his peers keep country’s soul alive with the waltzes, ballads, and steel guitar picking that made it a genre foundational to American music today.

Music Building

Students have been able to return to the music building to practice their instruments and attend music classes this fall, though they face stringent health protocols.

Harvard Musicians Report Challenges with Covid-19 Restrictions

Musicians at Harvard, who returned to in-person classes, rehearsals, and performances this month following a long hiatus, are encountering new challenges complying with the University’s Covid-19 guidelines.

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