'Peaches' Review: Bieber Ruined His Own Song

In an unforeseen collaboration, Justin Bieber teamed up with Daniel Caesar and Giveon on the single “Peaches.” This star-studded track is dominated by Bieber, however, and as a result, the song falls flat.

'Scary Hours 2' Review: Drake Remains in A League of His Own

The sequel to his 2018 EP “Scary Hours,” this album offers a sneak peek into the rapper’s life during his brief hiatus, and more importantly, a preview of what’s in store for Drake as an artist.

'AP' Review: Pop Smoke Talks To Us Nice

Pop Smoke’s acting debut goes hard in the film “Boogie,” and the late rapper hits even harder with the soundtrack. His latest single “AP,” released Feb. 26, leads the lineup of Smoke’s records to be featured in the movie, including “Fashion”, “No Cap,” and “Welcome to the Party.”

‘Rainforest’ Review: Noname ft. Marx

A stunning hit by Twitter’s favorite scholar, Noname,“Rainforest” is a powerful exercise in dichotomy: The artist perfectly weaves together her signature bubblegum trap musicality, soft delivery, and cutting lyrics to develop an intimately complex and exciting piece of art.

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