A Dissection of a Harvard Faker's Fabricated Resume

UPDATED 5:36 p.m.

Click on this link for The Crimson's annotated version of a resume drafted by former Harvard student Adam B. Wheeler to see the various discrepancies and lies that shed light on the recent charges that Wheeler submitted fraudulent applications to different institutions.

On Tuesday afternoon, news magazine The New Republic posted on its blog a copy of a resume that it had received from Wheeler, who had applied for an internship earlier in 2010 after he left Harvard.

After combing through the resume to verify the authenticity of the items that Wheeler listed on the document, The Crimson discovered several of Wheeler's inconsistencies and misrepresentations.

Wheeler, 23, pled not guilty on Tuesday to charges of submitting fraudulent documents—including plagiarized essays, letters of recommendation, false transcripts, and fake SAT scores—to a slew of institutions.


—Athena Y. Jiang, Lauren D. Kiel, and Esther I. Yi contributed to the reporting of this story.

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