Hot Chocolate in Harvard Square

It’s slowly getting colder, so FM is using the dropping temperature as an excuse to indulge (a bit early) in the sweetest part of winter.

Starbucks: $2.25 | 2.5 Stars

The Chocolate:  We had high expectations for the source of all caffeinated fantasies. Alas, they were not met. Although the drink was not overly sweet, it was watery and lukewarm. Next time, stick to a Grande Non-fat Non-foam Half Caf Triple Mocha Latte Macchiato. Overall, disappointing showing from the beverage behemoth.

Burdick's: $3.50 | 4 Stars

The Chocolate: Ridiculously good—flavorful without being overly sweet. As if you left a Hershey’s bar in the sun, and it dripped into a small Burdick’s cup.  Highly recommend getting the demi because an overdose of this stuff could be fatal.  The price is the only downfall—it was the smallest amount of hot chocolate for the most money. Also, for those with sensitive palettes, it may be overwhelmingly rich.

Crema Cafe: $2.35 | 2 Stars

The Chocolate: Comes with decorative foam on top, a sure sign of class. But the drink was more aesthetically pleasing than it was delicious. It was watery, hardly sweet, and barely tasted like chocolate. Overall, not something to drink when your extremities are frostbitten, however charming the café may be.

Dunkin' Donuts: $1.79 | 5 Stars

The Chocolate: Besides Burdick’s, their chocolate was the richest, most flavorful, and the cheapest. It wasn’t too sweet and was perfectly hot. While you may want to take your cup to go, you certainly get a lot for a little.

Lamont Cafe: $2.45 | 3 Stars

The Chocolate: When in Lamont, it’s likely you’re either a) panicking to get an essay done in 12 hours or b) complaining that you have a lot of work but actively choosing to sit in the café where you know you’ll get none of it done. If either of those are the case, their hot chocolate will hit the spot and may even be worth killing your Board Plus. It is rather expensive for hot chocolate from a package, especially since you can get it for free at the Women’s Center. Overall, very sweet and a little watery with the occasional powdery clump.