Were You Aware? Four Upcoming Jennifer Lawrence Films...Maybe

Chyi-Dean Shu

“Spring’s Tendon”

Gee Golly lives under two planks of wood in the hills of Missouri. When her father leaves her alone to care for her catatonic mother and dependent siblings, she must climb every mountain—figurative and literal—to secure her family’s future. One squirrel is eaten per minute.

“The Satiety Pangs”

In the absence of her father, young Katwoman is responsible for her catatonic mother and dependent sibling. As if life in Circenses weren’t bad enough, she has interminable vertigo from the constantly shaking landscape. This is a commentary on modern society. Did you catch that? No? This is a commentary on mod—

“Awful Appalachia”

Sometimes you don’t want that country road to take you home, especially when the road leads to a coal mine you’re sure you’ve seen on your last film set….


George and Serena Pemberton build a timber empire in the forested mountains of North Carolina. Playing completely against type, Lawrence’s Serena is a fierce woman who will do anything in her power to protect her family. Coming in 2013 to a theater near you…for real.

—Staff writer Leanna B. Ehrlich is the outgoing books exec, incoming world traveler and (eventually) returning books exec. She wishes Jennifer Lawrence would play her in a movie about her life, but acknowledges her hometown’s distance from a coal mine may make this impossible.


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