From the Wicked Queer Film Festival: ‘The Good Manners’ is an Arresting Ode to Adolescence

“The Good Manners” is a visually wonderful film, and is strongest when it luxuriates in the unsaid aspects of complicated familial relationships.

From the Boston Underground Film Festival: ‘Survival is Insufficient’ Short Film Showcase

“Survival is Insufficient” brought many fresh ideas to BUFF this year, leaving audience members prepared for what may manifest in this lifetime or another.

‘My First Summer’ Review: Colorful and Messy and Free

“My First Summer” is diametrically opposed to my last article on “Brokeback Mountain” in terms of visibility: Neither I nor anyone I know had heard of it. But boy am I glad Letterboxd led me to this gem.

Case for Best Picture: 'Top Gun: Maverick'

“Top Gun: Maverick” manages to take something nostalgic and breathe new life into it to make for a compelling, entertaining story. It allows viewers a brief escape from reality.

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