'Wild Nights with Emily' still

‘Wild Nights with Emily’ Is The Truth’s Superb Surprise

"Wild Nights with Emily" exposes the challenges faced by female creators, many of which seem especially resonant in the year of the #MeToo movement.

'Venom' still

‘Venom’: A Potent Take on an Old Classic

In the end, “Venom” offers a creative retelling of the anti-hero’s origin, and its rich messages with an entertaining twist make it well worth a trip to the theater.


Stanley Kubrick’s ‘The Shining’ Was My Gateway Drug into Horror

“The Shining” was scary in a way that didn’t seem cheap, but rather profound and touchingly personal.

First Man Photo

In ‘First Man,’ Triumph for White Male Dreams

When you only care about the First Man, it seems, there’s no room for anyone else.


Ike Barinholtz Talks Family Life in Trump’s America

With midterm elections on the horizon and the increasing political unrest in the country dominating daily headlines, Ike Barinholtz’s film directorial debut, “The Oath,” hits a little too close to home.

Beautiful boy still

‘Beautiful Boy’ A Startlingly Clear Picture of Addiction

In the end, “Beautiful Boy”  is more horror than Hollywood, and takes no artistic shortcuts to portray addiction honestly: as incurable, unpredictable, corrosive, and dangerous.

'Mid90s' review still

The Cast of ‘Mid90s’ Discuss Their Journey, On and Off-Screen

The cast of “Mid90s” focused much more on being real and honest with their responses than being dryly serious and professional.

'Little Woods' still

‘Little Woods’: The Female-Led Neo-Western We Didn’t Know We Needed

DaCosta navigates precisely, quietly, starkly, resulting in a small neo-Western that builds without judgment of its characters or the society that has condemned them to their fate.

'All About Nina' still

Stand Up for Stand-up — and Honesty — in ‘All About Nina’

In this film, the comedy’s most telling moments aren’t funny.

'Family' still

A Heartfelt Story About ‘Family’

“Family” is an endearing, fun-to-watch, and occasionally cheesy story about the importance of family.

‘The Oath’ poster

‘The Oath’ Is Enjoyable, For a Two-Hour SNL Skit

The Oath” falls short in the way in unconvincingly tries to inspire a politically moving reaction in its audience.


‘Bad Times at the El Royale’ is a Good Time at the Movies

Since direction of the plot is unexpected, the film is never dull, as simple moments can have large consequences and effects. Near the middle of the film, as two characters have a tense discussion in a car with one pointing a pistol at the other, we are never entirely sure whether or not that pistol will go off and, if it does, who will be on the receiving end of the bullet.

Devin Adair portrait

From Harvard Heavyweight Crew to the Boston Film Festival

Devin Adair '86 compares her experience in the male-dominated sport to her experience trying to break into the film industry post-Harvard.

'A Star Is Born' Still

In ‘A Star is Born,’ Lady Gaga Peels Away the Poker Face

"A Star Is Born" can feel like it’s waffling between real female empowerment and its elusive approximation.

'Colette' still

‘Colette’ Brings Feminist Levity to Belle Epoque France

“Colette” is less a period piece and more a seductive and cheerful romp through one woman’s dramatic actualization of her physical and intellectual autonomy.