'The Way Back' is Ben Affleck’s Redemption

Less a tour-de-force sports drama than one man’s journey towards redemption and sobriety, “The Way Back” marks director Gavin O’Connor’s first sports film since “Warrior” (2011).

‘Emma.’ is the Perfect Combination of Cheeky and Romantic

Although it never strays far from Jane Austen’s beloved novel, “Emma.” still manages to feel inventive and fresh in a sea of other adaptations.

Nazi Satire 'Jojo Rabbit' Is Too Obvious to Land a Punch

With “Jojo Rabbit,” a coming-of-age Nazi comedy, modish writer and director Taika Waititi makes a big wager: that audiences will swallow their initial discomfort long enough to decide that Waititi has actually fashioned a brilliant mockery of Nazism and bigotry.

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