‘The Report’ still

‘The Report’: A Masterclass in Writing a Thriller

Pristinely paced and unflinchingly political, "The Report" is a well-polished exposé on the inhumane Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) deployed as counterterrorism measures in the wake of 9/11.

'Ford v Ferrari' still

‘Ford v. Ferrari’: Flash Can Be Substance

Like the film’s namesake supercars, director James Mangold’s “Ford v Ferrari” is a monumental technical achievement — a sleek, well-oiled machine of a film that races through its well-paced action.

'Terminator Dark Fate' still

Easy Money: ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’ and the Loathsome Hollywood Sequel

Alas, fans will be left disappointed — if not infuriated — by “Dark Fate,” which casually undermines everything that made the first two films great.

'Last Christmas' still

‘Last Christmas’ Has No Pulse

The film situates itself somewhere at the nexus of Hallmark holiday schmaltz and Paul Feigian black comedy, saccharine romantic comedy fare and posthumous George Michael publicity material.

‘Knives Out’ still

Take a Stab at ‘Knives Out’

This Agatha Christie-inspired murder mystery is a special, unique blend of humor, mystery, and intrigue that keeps viewers guessing until the end, and it almost lives up to the lofty expectations that it sets for itself.


A Decade in Review: Fantasy Films

As the 2010s come to a close, the "Decade in Review" series will seek to single out the best 10 best films from the 10 biggest genres. Here are the best 10 fantasy films of the decade.

'Brightburn' still

Hair-Raising Films to Put You in the Halloween Spirit

With Halloween around the corner, here is a diverse selection of horror movies — ranging from a nostalgic film featuring a haunted-house to a perplexing and bone-chilling psychological thriller — to get you in the spooky mood.

'White Snake' still

‘White Snake’ Slithers on Without a Bite

It’s hard to pin down the best way to describe “White Snake”: a modern take on a Chinese legend or a Chinese “Frozen”?

Scorsese ranking image

15 of Scorsese's Finest Films (Including “The Irishman”)

With his latest film, “The Irishman,” hitting select theaters this week on Nov 1, and streaming on Netflix on Nov 27, here are Scorsese’s 15 best movies, including “The Irishman.”

'Scandalous' still

‘Scandalous’ Hardly a Scandal

“Scandalous” aims for piping-hot controversy, but settles instead for lukewarm praise.

'After' still

‘After’ Is a Bad Movie, But That Is Far From the Only Problem

We should not focus on “After” because it is unoriginal, boring, and bland. We should focus on “After” because it highlights a clear oversight in modern society.

'The Martian' still

A Decade in Review: Science Fiction

As the 2010s come to a close, the "Decade in Review" series will seek to unravel the best 10 best films from the 10 biggest genres of the decade.

'Honey Boy' still

‘Honey Boy’: Shia LaBeouf’s Poignant Magnum Opus Confronts His Painful Childhood

“Honey Boy," with introspective directing and powerfully honest performances from Noah Jupe, Lucas Hedges, and Shia LaBeouf, is a heartbreaking reflection on the inextricable ties of family.

'The Laundromat' still

‘The Laundromat’: Soderbergh’s Financial Fairy Tale Is as Self-indulgent as its Villains

It is difficult to become invested in the characters’ fates because the film assures us that nothing they do matters anyway.

'El Camino' still

‘El Camino’ Is So Good, It Doesn’t Need to Have a Point

“El Camino” gives its audience closure, another dose of expert film-making, and the chance to see Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul reprise their iconic roles for perhaps the last time, but does this final chapter taint what came before it?