‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Review: A Poignant & Empowering Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

“Wakanda Forever” hence sets the heavy tone early, including a moving funeral for T’Challa as well as a tear-jerking alteration of the Marvel Studios title sequence featuring clips only of Boseman, shining his light on film through the years.

‘Causeway’ Review: A Resonant Portrait of Trauma and Transitions

In its efforts to recount Lynsey’s return to normalcy, the film artfully captures the flurry of mixed emotions that may entail such an experience while occasionally administering too great a dose of dramatic embellishment.

Guts and Gore… A Cinematic Snore

Bloody violence or gore serves an important role in some horror movies as long as it has direction, but when gore lacks direction, its inclusion can make a movie feel lazy and reliant on shock factor.

‘Luckiest Girl Alive’ Review: A Flawed But Compelling Bestseller Retelling

As a film, “‘Luckiest Girl Alive” succeeds in delivering a strong message that involves complex themes. However, it is in the film’s core scenes of violence and trauma that it fails to reach its potential.

‘Halloween Ends’ Review: Myers at Golgotha

“Ends” is the filmic analogue of a college student who is only amusing after two or three shots of liquor and is otherwise not only unamusing but barely tolerable. The “Halloween” films’ liquor is gore — stupid, stupid gore — and “Ends” is in bad need of more of it.

‘MEET CUTE’ Review: A Not-So Classy Take on a Classic Trope

And “Meet Cute” definitely doesn’t keep many cards up its sleeve — before the end of the first cliché bar run-in, the audience knows essentially everything they need to know about the movie.

‘The Munsters’ Review: A Monstrous Attempt at a Nostalgia-Filled Classic

Ultimately, this version of “The Munsters” falls short in capturing what made the original show so engaging for audiences when it was first released in the 1960s and during the reruns that kept audiences captivated for decades.

‘See How They Run' Review: A Stylish But Hollow Whodunit

While suspicion shifts to several different characters over the course of the film, their motives are rarely surprising, and the beats of the mystery feel flat as the finale nears. The film shines more in its humor than its suspense.

‘Amsterdam’ Review: Stargazing, and Not Much Else

Abandoning the swaggering style of “American Hustle” and the understated beauty of “Silver Linings Playbook,” Russell instead opts for a true-story crime caper with uneven humor and questionable logic.

‘Barbarian’ Review: When Not in Rome

But what is important about Zach Cregger’s new feature is that it does not forget, in the meantime, to be scary. It is a bona fide horror film, which, in the contemporary landscape, makes it something of an oasis.

‘Bros’ Review: Just Your Average Bromance

While the film is notable for being one of the first gay romantic comedies from a major studio, its boundary-breaking nature cannot make up for what it lacks in the way of consistent humor and strong performances.

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