Elect Elizabeth Warren

We endorse Warren for the Massachusetts Senate seat

As the deadlock in our national government becomes more and more entrenched, it is important, now more than ever, that voters favor leaders who have demonstrated a rigorous dedication to solving our country’s problems. In the Senate, this need is especially dire, which is why we feel compelled to endorse Elizabeth Warren’s bid for the Massachusetts seat.

Elizabeth Warren has exhibited a dedication to the wellbeing of her fellow Americans that, on its own, should be reason enough for her receiving our endorsement for Massachusetts’ Senate seat. Given our economy’s lethargic recovery rate, however, we must also point out our overriding concern during this year’s election; namely, that a vote for a Republican is a vote against a healthy economy.

Elizabeth Warren’s background overseeing the Troubled Assets Relief Program and helping to create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau speaks to her expertise in wrestling with tough issues of economic stimulus and regulation in order to improve the lives of Americans.

The fact that she pursued these lines of work in tandem with her academic career is proof enough that she is not an out-of-touch academic, as her opponent likes to paint her. Theorizing and philosophizing did not produce the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Rather, Elizabeth Warren had the temerity to put herself in the shoes of all Americans, and ask the right question: “Why are consumers safe when they purchase tangible consumer products with cash, but when they sign up for routine financial products like mortgages and credit cards they are left at the mercy of their creditors?”

Our economy is still hurting from the consequences of that lack of regulation—and a close analysis by the Economic Policy Institute reveals that more than a full percentage point in unemployment could have been mitigated had our Congress provided more aid to state and local governments during the recovery. Such aid was a crucial part of the 2009 stimulus, and was part of many bills put forth by President Obama, including the $450 billion jobs bill proposed in 2011. The Republicans—including Senator Scott Brown—stifled these proposals.


Ultimately, our endorsement comes from considering more than just Warren’s uniquely well-suited qualifications for the job of being a Senator. Senator Scott Brown is extremely likeable, and his sincere attempts at bipartisanship are admirable. However, as long as he and other Republicans insist on voting against the aid our economy needs, they do not deserve our votes.


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