Abolish HUPD

A criminal enforcement system like policing, with no such commitment, lacking the trust of many, and with deep, clear institutional blight, is neither compassionate nor sustainable. And it has no place on our campus.

When We Return: Hope for a New Harvard

Our peers remind us that moral optimism — the courage to imagine a more just University and world — is not futile. We dare to believe that when we return the University can be a more just, self-reflective, and equitable institution.

The Climate Cannot Wait Until 2050

The cataclysmic effects of climate change pose a global crisis of even greater proportions than the pandemic, and they demand greater action and moral leadership than what Harvard offered this Earth Day.

Politicians and Harvard Miss the Mark on CARES Act

In its rejection of CARES aid, Harvard got and gave nothing — neither vital support for vulnerable students nor a strong political statement about what aid should look like or how an institution should act in times of crisis.

Better Late Than Zoom

If the University is considering having an online fall semester without granting students full freedom to take leaves of absence, they should instead postpone the semester.

No Census Nonsense

Though in the long term we must look to address the systemic inequities inherent in the current census methodology, for this year we urge community members to continue to fill out the census and ensure that they are counted.

Choosing Harvard During Crisis

No virtual interaction can possibly replace visiting Harvard for yourself. While we hope that you choose to come to Harvard and become a part of this community, we hope you do so for reasons beyond Harvard’s name.

Social Distance, Social Distance, Social Distance!

The only responsible way for us as young people to conduct ourselves during this crisis is to strongly limit our social interactions: to avoid going to restaurants, large gatherings, and to connect with friends and loved ones online rather than in person.

March 10, 2020: Harvard Stops, But the World Cannot

As we feel an existential humility in the face of this pandemic, Harvard's choice to close its doors gives us deep reason for worry as students and global citizens.

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