Lewis and Scalise Are Spot-On About Athlete Attrition

We affirm our belief that student-athletes, as individuals with unique experiences and mentalities borne from having dedicated themselves to a high level of athletic excellence, have an important, valuable role at Harvard.

DSO’s Conviction Problem

In order to gain necessary credibility, the College must hold itself accountable for its incompetence in enforcing its probations and ensure that any violation of rules meets its stated consequences.

Vital Signs of Collaboration

The collaboration offers Harvard the potential to continue its legacy as a leader not just in the field of public health — going all the way back to the smallpox vaccine in 1799 — as well as in global cooperation.

Prison Divestment and the Pitfalls of Moral Comparison

Though we continue to support divestment activism in its power to raise critical moral and social questions from students’ perspectives, private prison divestment does not meet our criteria for support.

A Culture of Fear

It is of the utmost importance that the U.S. — and particularly institutions of higher education — fully embrace and support immigrants in the name of secure, open cultural exchange.

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