Housing Vouchers: A Short-Term Solution to a Long-Term Problem

The city’s policies and vision should not be limited to just improving the immediate situation, even if such improvements are urgently needed. It ought to think big about how to build an economy and society that works for everyone.

Harvard Graduate Schools Are Right to Admit Fewer (with Some Caveats)

The University absolutely has an “ethical responsibility” to graduate students; last December, graduate students struck to demand its fulfillment. A year later, there is no better time to reflect on that duty.

How Harvard Should Think about Renaming

At a base level, we are pleased that President Bacow has taken this necessary and overdue step. Yet, for now, it raises a set of compelling philosophical and procedural questions: What should we rename? And how will we know?

Toothless Healthcare

These services have real value, and using “financial difficulties” to justify closing them is mostly an indicator of shifting financial priorities which do not seem to include the health of students.

COVID’s Punch to Final Clubs Is No Knock Out

Final clubs are built on their exclusiveness. Their power is a product of their mystery and unattainability. A year without punch will only add to that — hyping them up more, making them feel ever more tantalizing, ever more forbidden, ever more desirable.

Vote Yes on Ballot Question Two

Ranked-choice voting is a safeguard against minority rule that will do away with coalition-splitting and spoiler candidates, and ensure that widely disfavored candidates cannot ride into office on the backs of a slim but vocal minority.

One Question Down, A Whole System of Educational Injustice to Go

We commend the Common App for removing a question that would both dissuade students from applying to college and exacerbate the racial and socioeconomic disparities so apparent in the college application process.

Reviewing Title IX

It is essential that the new committee being formed to review the FAS’s interim sexual harassment policy includes past complainants, helping ensure that it is complainants, not respondents, who are most served and protected by Title IX policies.

Gov Department Keeps Kane, Abandons Students

The toxic culture that has been cultivated within the department is deeply concerning and the recent events are only the latest reminder that students who are seeking a supportive and nurturing learning environment ought to consider looking elsewhere.

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