Pusey Minister Hosts First Tailgate

Sparks House Tailgate
Karen Zhou

Students and Harvard community members enjoy pizza and drinks at Reverend Jonathan L. Walton’s inaugural Sparks House tailgate.

In preparation for Harvard football’s first night-game of the year, the staff and clergy at Memorial Church gathered for the inaugural Sparks House tailgate, braving the rain that put a slight damper on the celebration.

“Bummer about the rain,” said Lucia R. Hulsether, a second-year student at the Divinity School and seminarian at Memorial Church. “It was a little bit of a bust the first day,” she added, “but look for us next home game—you have a rain check.”

Despite of the inclement weather, there was a strong turnout from Memorial Church’s congregational community and freshmen students who intended to use the tailgate as an opportunity to hold a joint entryway study-break.

“Rain can’t stop fun and fellowship,” said Reverend Jonathan L. Walton, the recently appointed Pusey Minister and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals.

“There’s a biblical verse that says wherever two or three are gathered, I am one in the mix,” he added. “All you need is two or three people and you have fellowship.”

Matthew J. Disler ’16, one of the attendees, said that several of his freshmen community events have previously been hosted at Memorial Church.

“My entryway has spent a lot of time in the Church both for study breaks and for Community Conversations at the beginning of the year,” he said. “It’s really cool, I’m glad they make the space available. I’ll probably be attending future tailgates.”

The tailgates were designed to create an opportunity for students to get to know the Church and its community, part of a larger initiative to better integrate the Church with the student body. The event was originally slated to be held at Sparks House, but was moved to the Church due to the rain.


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