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Undocumented, Undeterred

His interactions with friends and teachers, he wrote then, were marred by “fear, secrecy, a sense of being undeserving, illegitimacy, invisibility, and a heavy form of guilt.”

British, Irish, Immigrant, and Gay

Upon reading through the article, Ruth let out a literal sigh of relief before calling Kristin, her partner of four years, to share the news.

An International American

Speaking with Caucasian friends of his who had similarly international upbringings, Michael found that their transitions into American life were made easier by the assumptive associations between being white and being American.

The White Cross

And yet, America was all they were to know until they died.

Russian for Native Speakers

Russian, interspersed with the occasional English idiom, flowed from her lips, like a bilingual mad-lib.

Setting Off

Over the course of the semester, I will interview students from across our university’s wide-reaching immigrant community, loosely defined for the purposes of this column.

In Your Own Backyard

Five minutes later, I hung up, the queasy feeling in my stomach moving upward through my chest. I couldn’t process the conversation.

Walton Officially Accepts Professorship

Reverend Jonathan L. Walton was instituted as the Plummer Professor of Christian Morals and Pusey Minister last Sunday during the eightieth anniversary service of Memorial Church's founding.

Pusey Minister Hosts First Tailgate

In preparation for Harvard football’s first night-game of the year, the staff and clergy at Memorial Church gathered for the inaugural Sparks House tailgate, braving the rain that put a slight damper on the celebration.