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In Memoriam: Angela R. Mathew and Mehdy Hazheer

Mehdy Hazheer, an incoming freshman from North Carolina, died after falling from a wall.
Mehdy Hazheer, an incoming freshman from North Carolina, died after falling from a wall.
By Jared T. Lucky, Crimson Staff Writer

Angela R. Mathew

Friends pay tribute to Angela R. Mathew, who died Feb. 10, 2014, in a traffic collision on the New Jersey Turnpike.

“Angela was the spirit of our team—she had the sort of positive vibe that was nothing but contagious. In life and in trial, she’d win you over with her endearing smile, her witty quips, and that larger-than-life charisma, all while convincing you that it was your idea to adore her in the first place. From her beautiful portrayals in competition to those nights she was there for you when seemingly no one else was, she taught me—all of us, really—how to feel and how to love.” -J. Zachary Fields ’15

“Angela was a beautiful, vibrant, loving young woman who threw herself into life. At work and at play, she radiated a carefree vitality that energized everyone around her. She was a neurobiology concentrator working to become a doctor. But she also worked to motivate young girls to pursue careers in science and medicine. As the girls she inspired grow up, Angela’s spirit will live on in a new generation of women scientists. She cannot be replaced, but her many friends will always remember her unique ability to transform ordinary moments with an excited shriek or a funny face and make them into something silly and very special. We will keep those moments with her in our hearts.” -Howard M. Georgi ’68, Leverett House Master

“Angela’s passion to live life to the fullest was infectious. She was a constant reminder that life is to be enjoyed and valued. She was intelligent, funny, dedicated, and most importantly she was a great friend, always willing to go an extra mile to help a friend in need. We will all miss Angela and the good times that we shared with her. She will live on in the memories that we will cherish forever.” -Andre D. Souffrant ’15

“Angela was a beautiful soul. She made everyone she spoke to feel important and loved. She radiated joy and reminds me every day to be kind.” -Emilie M. Wigdor ’15

“There are people who make you inhale—those who strike everyone with their beauty, intelligence, humor and wit, and there are those who make you exhale—they have an ephemeral quality that puts you at ease, calms and orients you. It is a rare person who embodies both, and Angela, you were that individual. You were a wonderfully complicated, messy, triumphant person whose strength, to me at least, lay in your ability to overcome obstacles with poise and persistence and never stop laughing in the process. I don’t like trying to put a memory of you down in words because you were so dynamic , it doesn’t seem to do you justice. I know you are shining wherever you are.” -Kristina L. Tester ’14

“One night as the two of us walked back from a mock trial event, Angela said to me, ‘I don’t want to be a good doctor; I want to be a good person.’ But she already was an incredible person: the kind of friend who would always make time for people who needed her, who would know exactly the right thing to say, who could brighten people’s lives just with her personality. Angela was so many things— intelligent, thoughtful, beautiful, kind, dedicated, talented, hysterical, selfless—and I’m so privileged to have called her a teammate and friend.” -Zach J. Lustbader ’16

“Angela was an amazing superstar. She was my best friend, my twin, my pre-med partner, and neighbor. She was the most intelligent person in the room at all times, drop-dead gorgeous, and could make everyone smile. We in Leverett all miss her so much and think of her frequently.” -Angela J. Oh ’15

“Angela was an incredibly special person, and most words don’t do her justice. But my favorite thing about her was her infectious smile and laughter —so full of warmth and love—that lifted the spirits of anyone in her presence.” -Bernadette P. Wharton ’15

“There are still no words that can explain what happened. Angela was the most good-hearted, funny, and loving person I’ve ever known. To this day I still consider myself the luckiest guy in the world to have shared what little time we had together. Angela: I love you; happy graduation and know that you are—and will forever be—missed every day.” -Graham J. Wyatt ’14

“On the night of junior year formal, Angela scoured the venue in search of her dateless friends, in order to pull them to the dance floor. That’s just who she was —a caring, inclusive, sociable person. And while we miss Angela, her absence has brought her various social circles together, forging friendships that would have otherwise not formed. Angela’s spirit lives on in these beautiful, intangible ways.” -Kevin M. Huynh ’15

“Angela was a great friend, an excellent student, and an important part of many lives, including mine. It is very rare to find someone who manages to be so beautiful inside and out. I only regret that the rest of the world will not get to benefit from all the amazing things she would have done. I miss her dearly.” -Alexis C. Wilkinson ’15

"Angela was the life of every room she stepped into and she always brought with her an overwhelming sense of positive support for others." -Ryley R. Reynolds '15

Mehdy Hazheer

Friends and family remember Mehdy Hazheer, who died in June 2011, just two months before arriving on campus for his freshman year.

“Mehdy never stepped foot on this campus as an official Harvard student, I know. And yet I’ve sensed him in Annenberg’s stained glass, in reading rooms with high ceilings, in the people I’ve grown close with, and in the stars I look to late at night, for everything that is good and beautiful in the world shares something with his spirit. When Mehdy was taken from us, I was most heartbroken about the dozens, hundreds, maybe thousands of people who would not get the chance to be inspired by him, like the lucky friends of his have been. I’ll be thinking about that inspiration often during Commencement, and any time I encounter good or beauty for the rest of my days.” -Jacob D. H. Feldman ’15

“Mehdy was someone you’d meet for a moment but remember for a lifetime. He was the type of person who would only wear the most worn and torn clothes simply because he felt bad he had so much when others have so little. He was the type of person who would sleep on the floor of his bedroom instead of his bed to remind himself of what the less fortunate must live with. He was the type of person who would gladly make a fool of himself to cheer up the ones he loves. We deeply wish he could have continued with his beautiful ambitions, but in the end we know that he is much happier in heaven with the Beloved.” -Fahreen Hazheer

“Mehdy had a sage-like way about him that affected all he touched, and a deep appreciation for life and its fragility. I’ll never forget the haunting beauty of his last message to me: ‘Life is like a river, that leads to an ocean. We are guaranteed that. But I think we would all agree that it’s better to realize that earlier than later. It will be great, God-willing :)’” -Canyon S. Woodward ’15

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