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Class of 2015, By the Numbers

After weathering two hurricanes, three different deans of the College, and the Boston Marathon bombing, the Class of 2015 will pack up and leave the College this week. The Crimson breaks down Harvard's graduating senior class, by the numbers.

Yuechen Zhao ’15 and Qianyun 'Helen' Shi ’15

During junior year we were both on board for Harvard China Forum, so we kind of became best friends. He was president and I was vice president, so we were just working on stuff everyday. And we went to every Lev event together.

Amy C. Robinson ’15 and Raúl P. Quintana ’14

We met in high school. I was a sophomore, and he was a junior. I live about six or seven blocks from our high school, so one day he just ran from our high school to my house and rang my doorbell and asked me out.

Larissa K. Davis ’15 and Timothy S. Baker ’13

We met at Harvard. Initially we met my freshman year. We're both involved in Christian Impact so I met him there and honestly didn't really take much notice of him until he started attending the same church as me in Porter Square.​​

Dina M. Perez ’15 and Moonhyung Kang

​​It probably all seemed crazy to everyone, and I guess it was a bit crazy for us too but we couldn't wait. The big wedding ceremony is currently in the works, which is exciting.

Karl E. Krehbiel ’15 and Carolyn Krehbiel

The combination of our similarities and differences seems to make us a really good team.

Jasmine Griffin ’15 and Michael J. Burton

People always tell us they can tell when we’re close by, because you can hear our laughter from rooms away. They also say we complete each other (or rather, have started to completely become each other over time).

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