Letter to the Editor: A Healthy Harvard is Happening

To the editor:

Campus health and wellness is an integral part of life at Harvard, and I encourage students to advocate for their health and well-being while also taking advantage of the many opportunities and resources already available on campus.

It can be difficult to navigate all of the numerous events and programs. As HealthPALs (Health Peer Advisors and Liaisons), we not only participate in planning these activities, but also work to promote them to students. Many of the general health and physical well-being initiatives on campus, which address many of the topics discussed in the recent Crimson op-ed, “A Healthier Harvard,” have focused on both raising awareness and facilitating student advocacy. These events include the Sleep Stuffer Event, where students made sleep kits and learned tips for a better night’s rest, and Glow in the Dark Yoga, where students practiced Vinyasa Yoga under the stars.

HealthPALs also works with Harvard Recreation to provide Weekly Workouts, collaborates with Wellness Tutors to bring activities such as yoga, workouts, and mindfulness activities to the Houses, such as yoga, workouts, and mindfulness activities, and assists HUHS with organizing free flu clinics in the dining halls.

These programs represent a small subset of the initiatives that HealthPALs work on. Our goal is to continue connecting students to health resources and providing them with opportunities to participate in programs and events on campus. We are always looking to hear from our fellow students, and we welcome any students who would like to join us in promoting awareness about these important topics and initiatives.

Paul M. Lewis ’18, a neurobiology concentrator in Eliot House, is the president of HealthPALs.