Seniors Reunite For Champagne Brunch

Nearly four years after stepping into Annenberg Hall for the first time, seniors returned to the freshman dining hall Sunday morning to reminisce over eggs, french toast, waffles, and champagne-filled flutes.

Senior Champagne Brunch
Harvard seniors toasted their freshman entryways at the Senior Champagne Brunch in Annenberg Sunday.

Organized by the Senior Class Committee, the annual Senior Champagne Brunch reunites senior with their freshman entryways and proctors as an occasion to catch up just months before graduation.

"It was really awesome getting to see my freshman entryway and catch up with all of them again,” Sarah S. Sohn ’16 said. “We drifted apart in the interim.”

A historic landmark on campus and a harbinger of memories during one’s freshman year, Annenberg Hall ushered in a degree of nostalgia for the seniors in attendance.

“The Senior Class Brunch is an opportunity for Harvard University to invite seniors back into their freshman dining hall, and for them to use it as a social space once again,” Harvard University Dining Services spokesperson, Crista Martin, said. “Many seniors miss Annenberg Hall after moving into their upperclassman dining halls.”


Between 10:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m., entryways rotated through the dining hall to take pictures, eat brunch, and catch up with classmates. To many in attendance, the event offered more than a entryway reunion.

"It's a really great thing just getting to walk around all the tables and talk to fellow classmates, not just those in my entryway.” Ali M. Monfre ’16 said.

Many seniors remarked upon the degree of separation they had felt from members of their entryway after freshman year, when they were no longer living under the same roof of a freshman dorm, or running into one another in Yard between classes.

"Getting to see freshman classmates will probably be the best part,” said Louisa McIntyre ’16, as she walked into the event. “I miss them quite a bit.”

Others appreciated lighter matters, such as the ability to enjoy champagne, provided by Harvard for the special occasion.

“It’s a good thing I got here early for the champagne.” Steven P. Barroqueiro ’16 said.


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