Arts Playlist: A Non-Christmas Music Winter Playlist

Winter Arts Playlist Photo
These songs will keep you warm and toasty.

With Christmas already forgotten but Boston’s never-ending winter still looming, it seems like our music playlists are stuck somewhere between holiday carols and spring break bangers. Tropical house music and upbeat pop tracks remind us of summer days far ahead, leaving us grumbling and bitter as we trudge through slush on the way to 9 a.m. classes. We rarely stop to appreciate the winter weather around us, and what better way to change our mood than with music? Whether it’s during your walk to class, a mid-afternoon nap, or a study sesh in a library, listening to these songs will have you fully embracing the winter beauty around you.

“Sweater Weather” by The Neighborhood

Although it might invoke more feelings of fall than spring, this slightly dark indie track is perfect for brooding winter nights. And the lyrics “It’s too cold” are too relatable not to sing out loud.

“Plans” by Elephante (Ft.. Brandyn Burnette)


A steady feel-good song, this track will make you want to grab your best friends and run around campus making snow-angels and pelting each other with snowballs.

“Fire” by Anna Of the North

Dreaming of a fire to warm up beside? This song’s cheerful beat and smooth lyrics will warm you up. It simply makes you excited about life. Grab some friends, snuggle up in some blankets, and just listen.

“Me 2” by Lakey Inspired (Ft. Julian Avila)

With a slow yet catchy instrumental beat, this track leaves you in a daze. Take a stroll through the winter wonderland that is the Yard post-snowfall while listening to this song for just the right touch of magic.

“Sleepy Eyes” by Elohim and Whethan

Winter making you sleepy, so you’re yearning for your bed? With a hopeful electronic beat and soothing lyrics, this track is the perfect way to start your winter mornings with a burst of happiness.

“Falling for U” by Peachy! and mxmtoon

This sappy-sweet song about developing a crush on someone is just too relatable, and will have you feeling all cozy in no time. Bonus points if you listen to it snuggled up in your bed watching the snow fall.

“Winter” by Khalid

This song is the perfect balance of melancholy lyrics and catchy beat, and blasting it through your AirPods first thing in the morning will give you an energy in your step to get through any weather forecast Cambridge throws your way.

“Let It Go” By James Bay

For some reason, this song always makes me think of winter. It’s incredibly sad and puts you in a deep reflective mood, perfect for long winter afternoons.

“Spring Day” by BTS

While the lyrics are in Korean, this song’s beauty transcends language barriers, even for American listeners. It leaves you feeling emotional and sad in just the right way, with that glimmer of hope at the end that spring is on its way.

Listen to the playlist here.

—Staff writer Sienna R. Santer can be reached at