Revisiting ‘Spirited Away’: A Timeless Tale of Capitalism

“Spirited Away” is a meticulously-crafted criticism of Westernization and capitalism, a story advocating for a restoration of and respect for the traditional rather than being caught up in a, in contrast to the common modern blind dive for growth and advancement.

Disney Animators Discuss Familia and Latin American Culture in ‘Encanto’

In a virtual webinar on Friday, Nov. 12, animators Rebecca Perez Stodolny and Jorge E. Ruiz Cano, along with production manager Natalia Adame Mendoza, discussed their experience working at Walt Disney Animation Studios on their newest film, “Encanto.”

‘The Shrink Next Door’ Premiere Review: This Series is Destined to Thrill

If the rest of the series follows the tone of the premiere, viewers are in for one wild ride. Each episode will reveal more about the therapist-patient relationship that turns sour. With decades of events to unpack, the show is destined to thrill.

Woman Director Spotlight: Sofia Coppola

Though she boasts a diverse filmography, it is clear that Coppola’s upbringing defines her cinematic perspective, and her films explore shared themes: the mundane aspects of the celebrity, concurring feelings of isolation and invasiveness, and the relationship between father and daughter.

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