Hillary Still

Hillary Clinton in a scene from "Hillary."

'Love is Blind' Still

Contestants on Netflix's 'Love Is Blind.'

'The Way Back' is Ben Affleck’s Redemption

Less a tour-de-force sports drama than one man’s journey towards redemption and sobriety, “The Way Back” marks director Gavin O’Connor’s first sports film since “Warrior” (2011).

Bob Iger still

Bob Iger (left), former CEO of the Walt Disney Company next to Peter Rice (right), Chairman of Walt Disney Television.

'The Way Back' Still

Ben Affleck stars as Jake Cunningham in "The Way Back" (2020), directed by Gavin O'Connor.

Andrew Heckler still

Robbie Brenner (left) and Andrew Heckler (right) attend the LA premiere of "Burden."

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