The entrance to ONCE, which is now closed.

The entrance to ONCE, which is now closed.

‘Shiva Baby’ Review: A Horrifically Funny Masterpiece

Overall, “Shiva Baby” shows a bright future for new, queer stories in filmmaking. It’s an expertly directed portrait of an extended family and all the complexities, questions, and deceptions that come with it.

"Shiva Baby" Still

Rachel Sennott stars as Danielle in "Shiva Baby."

Britney Spears Performance

Britney Spears performing at her Piece of Me residency in Las Vegas in 2014.

‘The Irregulars’ Review: Found Family in a Supernatural London

Though it’s clear from the beginning that the show is targeting an audience of young adults, it’s still enjoyable to watch for viewers of all ages and with any relationships to the original Sherlock Holmes series.

What to Expect From the GameStop Movies

After the buying of long positions, through which Redditors held onto the GameStop’s stock as hedge fund managers shorted it last month, Netflix, MGM, and HBO all optioned the rights to the “saga” for future movies and docuseries.

‘Night in Paradise’ Review: A Gangster Film that Relies Too Much on Shock Value

Despite the masterful cinematography that elegantly captures the irony between the serene ocean view setting and the violent, gory shootouts, “Night in Paradise” scrambles to rely on its ghastly shock value to tell an otherwise dull story of Korean mobsters.

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