Still from "Another Round"

Mads Mikkelsen stars as Martin in "Another Round."

‘The Life Assignment’ Explores Displacement Through Defamiliarization of Language

"The Life Assignment" by Ricardo Alberto Maldonado’s examines the dissonance between original homeland and current residence.

‘Pieces of a Woman’ Offers a Remarkably Cohesive Narrative of Grief

Mundruczó’s “Pieces of a Woman” is a film about the intangible bridges burnt and built in the wake of emotional trauma.

‘His House’ Subverts our Expectations in Haunting Portrait of Emigration and Trauma

Both visually and narratively compelling, “His House” is an affecting portrait of trauma, guilt, and the refugee experience.

In ‘The Midnight Sky,’ Humanity is Doomed

In “The Midnight Sky” (which George Clooney also produced and directed) the battle is over before the film even starts. Earth is no longer a habitable planet due to a sudden unspecified disaster. Humans are still around, but it is only a matter of time before everyone dies out.

‘One Night in Miami…’ Dissects Power in America

Based on Kemp Powers' stage play of the same name, Regina King’s directorial debut “One Night in Miami…” is a thoughtful (if conventionally plotted) thesis on power and civil rights in America.

Twice Surprise with New Single ‘Cry for Me’

Twice’s dazzling renditions of hit singles at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards set the stage for an unexpected finale: the brand new track “Cry for Me.”

Portrait of an Artist: PYNKIE

The Harvard Crimson spoke with Radice about her new album, working as a nurse during COVID-19, and the artists that most excite her.

The Alchemist’s New Album ‘The Food Villain’ is Short and Sweet

With “The Food Villain,” The Alchemist delivers an effortlessly laid-back album filled with concise production and fun references to his rapper friends.

AC/DC Embrace Their Rock and Roll Roots in ‘Shot In The Dark’

Perhaps the best thing an AC/DC song can sound like is, well, an AC/DC song.

Politically-Charged ‘Commander in Chief’ Sends a Powerful Message

Both timely and vivid, “Commander and Chief” is a viable entry into the genre of protest music.

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